What is the Style of this Necklace?
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I was watching the US version of Antiques Roadshow the other week and during one of the appraisals, I was way more interested in the necklace worn by one of the experts. It seems like this type of design is specific style, but random Googling and looking through the gift shop websites for museums like the Met hasn't yielded an answer. I'd love to figure if this is a specific style and potentially keep an eye out for other versions of it. Here's a screenshot...

screenshot of the necklace

I'm not interested in this specific necklace per se, but it seems like the design is some kind of specific style or reference of a classic design.
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A generic term could be a "statement necklace." This style has been popular, and different versions have popped up at Banana Republic and Lori's Shoes (both online).
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I found this looking for bib.
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JCrew outlet stores have a kajillion of these
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Statement bib necklace. Specifically, this one from Nordstrom's seems to evoke your screenshot very closely.
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Mall chains like Zara and H&M and so on have buckets of them. It looks very similar to this J. Crew "fan fringe necklace." EBay has the usual raft of sellers in Asia with bargain versions.
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Thanks and wow, sageleaf that looks like the necklace! And $10 US is a Hell of a lot less than than the $198 US J Crew version.

I've never heard the term "statement necklace," so that's good to know. I figured it was referencing some kind of classic style, like ancient Egyptian.
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Statement necklace, bib, collar. They're so popular now and you should be able to find them at lots of places at any price point. Here is a link to some you might like.
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And thanks to posting this question, it finally jogged my memory, I was thinking of Etruscan Revival as the style
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I had to look really closely at the beads, because in a small size, that style totally looked like a Safety Pin necklace that we used to make in 7th grade.
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