Bob Dylan - live performance - awards show - early-mid 2000s
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I'm looking for audio-visual footage of a live performance by Bob Dylan and his band, at an awards show in the early-mid 2000s.

I don't know what the song was. I think it had a kind of menacing tone overall. I have a hunch that it was a song from a then-current album of his. But I'm not familiar with any of his albums post-Blonde On Blonde.

What I do recollect is that the tempo or time signature changed dramatically at key points in the song (perhaps at the transitions from verse to chorus and back again). I also recall that Dylan and his band were huddled relatively close together on the stage - relative to the size of the awards-show stage. And I think that there were some interesting lighting effects in sync with the tempo changes.
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Things Have Changed, at the Oscars? (Menacing/ominous sound, huddled band, awards show, early 2000s)
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That's not it, sorry - that's not the song. Also, as far as I recall, Dylan and his band were actually present on stage at the show.
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Was it the 1998 Grammys? This was the soy bomb guy, but I think they were playing Love Sick? Looking for a good link.
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There's one other thought I had that I'm not able to google up - it was an awards show performance where the nominees played on a stage surrounded by a giant frame/box. After Dylan, the last nominee for the category, played they did the usual "And the nominees are..." roll, cutting live to a shot of each performer in the audience. When they cut to the shot where Dylan and the band were supposed to be standing backstage post-performance it was empty - I always imagined some guy with a headset freaking out that Bob wasn't standing where they wanted him to stand. But I can't immediately find/google that clip or performance.
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No, sorry, that isn't it either. :-(

There were definitely a few marked tempo/rhythm change throughout the song. And creative lighting.
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This is a long shot, but any chance it was a clip from Masked and Anonymous? Not an awards show, but at least one of the performance scenes was marked by a very tight arrangement with the band, I recall the way it was staged. I'll try to find a link later.
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Yeah, I remember that tight performance in M&A (loved it!), but that wasn't it. Mos def an awards show.
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I think I saw that performance too... as I recall it was this song, "Cry a While" off of Love and Theft

I know that it was on an award show because I remember thinking how lose and swinging the performance and band were for such a sterile event... but alas I cannot find a link to the actual performance.
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Ooh yeah! That's definitely the song! Menacing tone, tempo changes, correct era.

Now we just need to figure out when he performed it at an awards show around that time.
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It was the 2002 Grammy Awards! Here's a link

Can't find the clip though!
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Looks like there was a clip here, which "is no longer available due to a copyright claim by SME". :-(
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Awesome - that is totally the one I was remembering in my third comment!!! Too bad it's not online :(
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I just came in to say that the song you are thinking of is Cry A While with that awesome early 2000's lineup that included Charlie Sexton. Best backup band for Dylan since the Hawks/the Band.
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FWIW, this version of Cold Irons Bound has the same awesome lineup.
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Wait! I found it!
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Brilliant! Thanks KokuRyu!

Now if someone could find the video to match...
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This is - without a doubt - the most shocking (in a good way) performance I ever witnessed watching an awards show. Totally unexpected, and totally uncompromising. I remember thinking, "This is not music for people in tuxedos. This is not a surefire crowd-pleaser. This guy doesn't pander. Bob Dylan forty years into his career is still pushing the boundaries."
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