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My boyfriend and I stayed with his friends near Aspen, Colo. What should we send them as a thank you gift? What interesting and useful thank you gifts have you received?

We know we can get them a bottle of wine or a gift certificate to a nearby restaurant, but we'd like to be more creative. They are outdoorsy and active: jogging, hiking, running skiing/snowboarding and biking (they do a ride across Iowa every year). He's a photographer. She is getting into event planning. I know she gets manicures, but I don't know where. She is really into making guests comfortable (lots of little nice things in the guest room and bathroom). They talked about a wine shop in Aspen that they really like, but I have no idea about the name. I think they get season ski passes through work. They're in their early 30s and have a dog and two cats.
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Cashmere Scarf?
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I love when people bring me things from their hometown that I'm unlikely to find where I live. So I do that when I travel. I usually bringa couple pounds of great coffee from a roastery near me, chocolates from a chocolatier in town, cider donuts and maple syrup from a nearby cider mill, etc. I prefer to bring consumables, since nobody I know wants the added clutter of housewares that they didn't pick out. Plus, bringing local goodiet sort of underlines that experience of having visitors from afar.

It sounds like your visit is already over, but file the thought away for next time.
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I like sending (and getting) a big box of grapefruits and oranges. Especially in the winter. There are lots of companies to choose from, you can usually get a decent sized box for around $20.
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FYI ... two popular wine shops in Aspen are:
Great Western Grog Shop (970) 925-3000 (near the City Market in town).

Thunderbowl Wine Shop (970) 920-6969 (across from the Aspen Post Office)
You could call and ask them for ideas and/or a gift certificate.

Also, consider a gift certificate for gifts or an event (cooking class or wine tasting/class) at the Cooking School of Aspen -- a great place.

Regarding spa service, they might enjoy a gift certificate to the Aspen Club & Spa, 02 Aspen, or the Remede Spa at the St. Regis Hotel.
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Great ideas so far, thanks. Keep 'em coming, if you've got them.

The Great Western Grog Shop sounds familiar -- maybe that's the one.

Local specialties? I know -- heroin, or homicide.
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Nice, another Baltimorean. Berger's cookies are a unique local specialty. Or how about cannolis from Vaccaro's?
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Have you taken any photographs of them? If so, a photograph or two in a nice frame might be nice. Yes, I've done this and it was well received.
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I'm assuming that it doesn't need to be said, but a letter outlining the things that they did that you enjoyed and how special they made you feel would be included with any gift.

I think that a genuine, heart-felt letter may make more of an impression than the gift itself, and may make the gift far more meaningful to them.
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If they ride RAGBRAI (Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa--I know, but I live here) They may well enjoy a nice hotel at the terminus. I can't imagine anyone wanting a soft bed and hot shower than those who do RAGBRAI (pronounced rag'-bri, (that's a long i), for you non-Iowans).
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How much do you want to spend, more or less? I've given these Barefoot Dreams throws before, and they are always adored. Absolutely adored. They are the softest blankets you'll find, and are fantastic for the couch. They're pricey at $134, but if you can/want to spend that much, they are always well received. Or how about matching GPS watches (the ones that map the distance you've ridden/run and some even do heartrates, etc.)? I don't know how much they are, but I'm sure you could find one or two in your price range - would work well for their outdoor activities.
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kc0dxh: Yes, they do do RAGBRAI -- they're super into it. (At first when I was in Iowa, I thought everyone was talking about "Brag Ride.") I really like the hotel idea, but would it make everyone on their team jealous?

fionab: $100/$150 is probably just about right.

deborah: My boyfriend took one really nice photo of them kissing on a mountain, so that could really work.

Again, thanks so much. These ideas are great. I would mark every one as best answer, but that would be silly.
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