Best apartment gift?
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My brother's birthday is next Friday, and I am honestly stymied as to what to get him (and cannot get a serious answer out of him.) He is in his early 30's, and just moved into a new apartment that has a cute outdoor space. (Pavement ground) Does anyone have a similar space? He and his girlfriend have already furnished the place, so they don't need essentials. Etsy-friendly suggestions particularly welcome.
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Fire pit?
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Gift certificate for a cleaning service?
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Is he handy at all? Has he ever wanted to be handy but didn't have a workspace/garage? Maybe some plans for DIY outdoor furniture plus a gift card to Home Depot?
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If he doesn't have a grill, that would be a nice gift. Or if he does, a set of grilling tools or marinades/rubs.
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A nice plant for the patio. Get a self-watering planter too.
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Fire pit!! If it's allowed.
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Woolly Pocket wall planters and some herbs for a vertical wall garden.

An outdoor rug?

Dwarf citrus tree, if you know there is space and it is something he would appreciate (maybe ask first, no surprise, but as a small space dweller, I appreciate people checking).
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This is for inside, but makes a place very homey: A door harp. Here's an example, there are many places that handcraft them from various types of wood and various tones.

(A door harp is a smallish harp that hangs on the back of your front door, so that it chimes subtely whenever you open the door. My grandparents had one.)
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Plants! If you want to let them choose you could do a gift certificate to a good nursery in his town.
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bluetooth speaker that he can take outside.

if he drinks, a nice bottle of bourbon to stock his bar.
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