Where can I buy high-quality heavy wool (or soft felt) pillow covers?
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I'm interested in buying solid heavy wool (or soft felt) pillow covers to re-cover my throw pillows. I'm having a tough time figuring out where are good places to buy high-quality pillow covers, particularly since I'm not looking for patterns or prints.

Either rectangular ("lumbar" style) or square (18x18) would be fine. Prefer zipper opening, would take envelope if necessary. Any suggestions? Ideally not too scratchy and sturdy enough to hold up to kid use.
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Have a look here.

Edit: provided a better link.
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Yes, there are plenty of places online selling pillow covers and lumbar pillows - they're pretty ubiquitous, even Bed Bath & Beyond sells them! I'm looking for recommendations with first-hand experience with particular sellers or brands. Thanks.
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