Help me identify the big metal thing I saw on the highway
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A few days ago, as I drove down I-69, I saw two semi trucks heading in the opposite direction. Each transported a long, narrow metal object. I would estimate each object was the length of three semi truck trailers. It mostly resembled a knife blade in color and shape - something like a chef's slicing blade. It seemed to look serrated toward what would resemble the tip of the knife. What the heck were they transporting?
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Best answer: Possibly vanes for wind generators? I see them from time to time being transported along I-40 as well and they are gigantic.
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Wind turbine blades came to my mind too, although the serrations don't sound right. Large components of bridges and other civil engineering projects are sometimes transported this way.
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Seconding what jquinby and wekzeuger said. Did it look something like this?
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Did it look like this?

The serration might have just been the hazard stripe sack slipped on the end of the vane.
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I've heard of turbine blades being textured too, so that would explain the serration:

Whale Fins Influence Wind Turbine Design
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Could they be bridge structure?
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Response by poster: I think you guys are right - I think they were wind turbine blades. I may have misinterpreted something as serration when maybe it was something else - I didn't get a sustained look at them since they were heading in the opposite direction, and there was a good chunk of land between the two sides of the highway.

Thank you for assuaging my curiosity! :D
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When I have seen turbine blades in transit on the highway, there is almost always more than one, and they are separated from each other by less than a mile, like a convoy.
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I wonder if the perceived serration near the tip might have been a tarp pulled by multiple cables/cords.
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Yes, serrated edges are the new hotness in wind turbine blades. The new 3+ MW class machines often have them to break up tip vortices and manage radial flow along the blade. They may also help with noise, too.

(wind turbine person here …)
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