Having a problem with Zimbra email client.
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I have recently started using Zimbra as my email client and I love it. It does everything I need it to do and it does it well. With one problem. I keep getting an email I am trying to send to a client bounced back to me. I checked his address several times to make sure I have it correct. The problem originated when I had entered his address incorrectly. It is a gmail account I had it wrong as gmai. As I said it has been corrected and I enter it correctly before I send it. But when it comes back it comes back as the old one ending with gmai. And therefore is undeliverable. I am at my wits end.
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why not just write a new email and copy the content in?
posted by davejay at 8:45 AM on February 27, 2014

I tried that. It still comes back with the bad address. Somewhere somehow gmail has the bad address in its memory.
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You might try this.
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This might be a Zimbra thing. Look in your address book tab, there should be an "emailed contacts" entry -- this is where it stores addresses that you have used for future auto-completion. See if there is an entry in there for the person you are trying to contact and delete that, then try again.
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Are you sure it hasn't been delivered? Many mail servers will retry to send bad messages a few times before they give up. So it's very possible that you are seeing the first bad message get bounced two or three times before it gives up.
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Seconding what advicepig said. To test this i would send an email with a different text body with something along the lines of I'm sorry I am currently experiencing e mail difficulty, please respond if you get this message.
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I think I have success. I had to go to gmail proper and find my client's address. It had remembered the bad one and was somehow substituting that when I used the proper one. Don't understand why, but deleting that contact, which was a convoluted process, appears to have done the trick. Thanks again.
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