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Already Pretty would be my ideal fashion blog if the author would just kindly move to the UK. What should I be reading instead?

I am a 5'6" lady in my mid thirties, with a figure and colouring much like the author of Already Pretty: I have HIPS and am neither enormously tall nor beanpole shaped nor plus size. I live in the UK.

I love the kind of fashion blogs that show me what real other people like me are wearing and preferably where they got it from so I can go try it on myself. I don't love buying online. 90% of stuff I try on doesn't fit and I have no interest in ordering ten times too much stuff so I can send it nearly all back.

My style is all over the map but I'm a fan of easy and colourful and fun and quirky and offbeat, less so of preppy, or of hideously expensive, or of bitchy negative commentary on other people's fashion choice. I'm not very girly (understatement) but I love wearing dresses just as much as I would love to look like the casual version of Janelle Monae.

What fashion blogs should I be reading?
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This one's pretty good. Skip back a couple of pages - she's been blogging from London fashion week and there are a few too many shots of very ugly clothes on very young teenagers. Don't let the fashion week thing fool you, her own clothes are all high street - mostly basic trendy stuff with a bit of a menswear influence - and she's an average size.
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Sally, the author of Already Pretty, reads a ton of blogs and might be able to help out if you emailed her directly.
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I second contacting Sally of Already Pretty and asking her for a little direction. She's great like that.
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Browse A compendium of - oh - probably 5000 blogs of all subjects. Prepare to lose an entire evening though! I would enter a search term like "over 30 fashion" to weed out the 5'11, 22 y/o blog- writers.
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