How to make a record player restart at the right arm position?
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I have this old record player. When it reaches the end of an LP record side, the arm returns to play from the beginning. But goes to the wrong spot, as if trying to play a 45, even though the speed is set to LP. Is there something I can adjust to make it start at the beginning?
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What is the brand? Some record players mark that location by where you drop the stylus with the little lever - which might be broken in your record player.
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Also I just realized, this happens for all automatic play, not just for coming to the end of ther record. It always goes to the 45 point.
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That switch on the lower left may be the 33/45/78 speed selector. Did you try changing it?
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I did but I think it is already at the right speed and other settings seem to make it play too fast or slow.
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On my dad's old Fisher turntable, the record speed selector was mechanically linked to the return stop, so that when you selected 33, 45, or 78, the arm would go to the proper position. It's possible that yours has a broken linkage somewhere.
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Is there a little plastic tab near the hinge of the arm that controls how far out it swings? It might be broken but you can probably see where it was and manipulate the end of it. Ours had one there and the switch was just for speed.
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I can’t really see in the picture, but it looks like you have a switch on each side. Many of these have two separate switches, speed and size, that operate totally independently. The size choices would be 7-10-12.
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I have the same exact record player and the same issue. The mechanism for the arm is located under the platter. You might have to remove a c-clip before you pull the platter up. Just off the center is a gear/gears that control the action of the arm. I have tinkered with it, but have not found a solution. Let me know if you have any luck.
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