Degree of difficulty: No shawarma.
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What Avengers-themed breakfast can I cook for my daughter's birthday this weekend? It doesn't have to be a recipe featured in the films, anything inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be fine.

Her tastes run to fairly mundane, pre-teen fare, so no "Black Widow's Bacon, Eggs and Borscht". She will also have a friend sleeping over, and they could wake up anytime between 8:00 and Noon, so something that doesn't require long and complicated prep work or cooking time would be best.

Thanks, True Believers!
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Hulk pancakes using green food coloring.
Spiderman pancakes with a chocolate syrup web.
Thor pancakes using a two-tone technique to do a hammer.
Iron man pancakes using a stencil and powdered sugar to do his mask.
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Check through The Mighty Marvel Superheroes Cookbook for breakfasts.
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When I was about that age, I had a great sleepover where we used gel icing to decorate pancakes. If you get black, red, purple, green, and maybe gold and silver dragees I'm pretty sure that covers all the Avengers' colors.

I honestly don't remember how it tasted, though, so take that as you will.
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Tony Stark tries to make Pepper an omelet to tell her he's dying in Iron Man 2, but he never quite gets around to it. Clearly you should make omelets with small cards: "Congratulations! I invented a new element last night so I'm totally not dying anymore, and I even had time to make these for you! Love, ~Rock Steady"

Drink: virgin lime Smash. Yes, the "Smash" is a cocktail! Just use in-season fruit and mint, some simple syrup and soda or heck, limeade would be swell. Just call it a Smash and have fun with it! You can slice up fruit and stuff the night before.

Bruce Banner is found in India in the movie so you could have chai tea, too.

You can make Captain America shield pancakes in lots of ways. One way I've seen involves splitting the batter into three, dying one batch blue and one batch red, and then making differently sized pancakes with them so when you stack them the concentric rings of the shield show up, and topping it off with a star of light fruit, like banana or apple pieces. You could cut a star out of butter though, that would be adorable. Also you could make the rings out of sliced strawberries or raspberries and blueberries (the white parts would be plain pancake.)

In the Thor movie, Thor drinks coffee, throws his mug on the ground, and yells "Another!" I don't suggest you have a mug-throwing party but if your daughter likes the idea of coffee you could do fancy coffees with decaf and lots of milk and sugar and maybe flavorings of some sort, put it in a carafe and label the carafe "ANOTHER!" and ask for "no more smashing." Thor also canonically loves Poptarts! So that's an easy one.
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For Hawkeye, you could do fruit kebabs on bamboo skewers and then fashion little arrow points and fletchings out of aluminum foil.

You could also make little Mjölnirs out of breakfast sausage (or little smokies!) and toothpicks or pretzels for the handle.

Perhaps yogurt parfaits topped with Captain America's shield in fruit form.

Sparkling cider in champangne glasses for Tony? It's kind of fancypants.
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I have totally been thinking about Captain America pancakes since I left my comment above and I think I've got it:

Strawberry or some other red fruit pancakes, puree the fruit (buy frozen and make the puree the night before) and add it to the batter, taking out some of the other liquid from the recipe to compensate. Make really big flat pancakes. Then spread blueberry jam in a circle in the middle (dump a blob and then work it out gently with a butter knife into a circle.) Whipped cream for the white outer circle, and then either a star cut out of butter or drawn with whipped cream in the center of the jam. OR, plain pancakes and then strawberry and blueberry jam artfully painted everywhere, but that seems a lot trickier to me.
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Strawberries, after the scene in Iron Man where Tony remembers the important connection between Pepper and strawberries? Not an entire breakfast, obviously, but an easy side.
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Hey thanks everyone. I went with red and blue food coloring, along with deftly sliced apple and judicious use of whipped cream to create "Cap's Super-Soldier Pancakes with Sausages Mjölnir".
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