Look at this old bookplate!
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What language is this? What does it say?

In the bottom scroll on this bookplate (picture on Flickr) of the bible scholar, David Durrell (1728-1775), there is an inscription (not the printed Latin motto) in what looks like a right-to-left script. What is the language and what does the inscription say? (I've been asked to help with this for the book's description in the library's catalog.)

The inscription appears to have been penned onto the bookplate, and is not part of the etching. The bookplate is in a copy of Upton's Dionysius (1728), if that's relevant.
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I'm reasonably certain that the language is Arabic, but I'm afraid I can't help with translation
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Response by poster: Actually, considering the previous owner, I wonder if it mightn't be a form of Aramaic. Durrell was an Old-Testament scholar, and an advocate for a new translation of the Bible.
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Best answer: It's Arabic. It's saying something about knowledge and literature being better than money and family lineage.
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Response by poster: Well, that's ironic, considering the Horace quote says something like "No inheritance is better than good parents." I wonder if the Arabic phrase is lifted from somewhere?

Thanks, tau_ceti and Paquda!
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Best answer: Agree with Paquda, and if it helps I think the text is: ال فخر بالمال والنسب بل فخر بالعلم والادب
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Response by poster: That is very helpful, Gordafarin!
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To be more exact:
لا فخر بالمال ونسب بل فخر بالعلم والأدب
Nobleness is not in wealth and lineage, rather nobleness is in knowledge and culture.
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Best answer: Sorry, should be:
لا فخر بالمال والنسب بل فخر بالعلم والأدب
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