Help me identify this graphic print!
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Within the last day or two, I saw a graphic print of an octopus hanging on the wall in the background of a video shot...

A man was being interviewed (not about octopuses, octopodes or octopi) on perhaps the local D.C. news. Hanging in the background was a graphic print in black ink on blue or purple paper of an octopus with the top of his head just above the water. Walking on top of the cephalopod was a man, perhaps wearing a bowler and carrying a briefcase, who was unaware that he was walking on an octopus, and presumably thought he was on some kind of stepping stone to cross a body of water.

Did anybody catch this, or recognize it from its description? I understand this is a long shot...
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Can't help with identifying the print, but I bet you're remembering the Better Off Red clip from Wednesday's Daily Show. Watch starting from 2:36.
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Mikhail Shishkin.
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Thank you both - that is exactly what I saw!
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