Packing and unpacking services in NYC
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I am moving in Brooklyn and need a service that will pack my current apartment and unpack in my new apartment.

I'm moving in 3 weeks. I have a moving company that I love and trust and have reserved them for the move. However, I just had hand surgery and have a cast on my hand and wrist and need a service that will pack up my current apartment and unpack once the movers have moved my stuff to my new apartment. The movers I'm using do not offer this service.

I've been lukewarmly recommended Chelsea Mini Storage, which looks dodgy to me, and Movers Not Shakers, which has mixed reviews on Yelp (I do like that they are "green") and Taskrabbit, which seems like too big a gamble.

I'm hoping for a rave recommendation for a service that's fast, organized, meticulous and will unpack intelligently (in an organized fashion, thoughtfully thinking of what might go where, etc.). I have this fantasy of someone taking a photo of my shelves before packing and replacing everything in the same spot in the new apartment. This might be too much to hope for, but give me what you've got!

(I know it might be easier to use one service for packing, moving and unpacking, but I'd like to stick with my trusted movers if at all possible.)
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An acquaintance recently had to move with 24 hours notice and needed the same thing (had movers, needed someone to pack it all up and unpack it all for him) --he went with cross it off your list and they were great.
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I don't have a recommendation, sorry, but I did use a similar type of service last time I moved (in the Bay Area), and I advise you to be cautious about costs! I had no choice: I was moving on fairly short notice and was out of the country for a month during the moving period, so I needed somebody who would handle absolutely everything for me. They did, and the service was great, but it cost me 7K to move a small apartment's worth of stuff six blocks. I was horrified but stuck, so I paid up, albeit a little resentfully.
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We used flat rate movers ( to help pack and then move) and they were great and professional and they do unpacking and setting up your bed etc, but it was pretty expensive. When I looked around and added up costs, though, they came out to not much over other services and we went with them.
I know you dont want to, but I think going with one company for the whole thing will be more cost effective and also more efficient time-wise since the movers will know exactly what is in the boxes bc they packed them, and be able to load the truck as they pack.
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I wonder -- if the only thing you need these folks to do is (a) pack, and (b) unpack, is it possible you don't need a moving service for that at all? Maybe you could call a cleaning service and see if they have folks who would be able to wrap your glasses in paper towels and whatnot. You could call White Glove or one of the other cleaning services and ask them if they ever do this sort of thing. The downside is that you'd have to purchase the necessary packing supplies yourself.
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We used You Move Me (a sister company of 1-800-Got Junk) for our last move. They will pack for you, and I have to say, I absolutely LOVED the experience.

Now, I haven't used the Manhattan crew, but have them come over to discuss the packing with you and see if you don't fall in love. My local franchise owner came to our house, gave us a TON of advice about how to wrap and pack stuff for the move and on moving day, we moved from a 2600 sq ft house to a 1400 sq ft apartment, iin 5 hours!

Moving sucks, but this was one of the BEST experiences I ever had!

Your local You Move Me is in Manhattan, but I'll bet they can help.

They're licensed, bonded and the guys who moved us were a total hoot!

Good luck honey.
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