Where to go mens clothes shopping in Philadelphia?
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Where do you recommend to go shopping for mens clothing, and specifically dress pants, in central Philadelphia or the surrounding area?

One of the frustrating things I find in Europe is the cuts used for mens pants, which tend to be less full, with a shorter crotch area, than the way pants are cut in the US. I will be in Philadelphia in a couple of weeks and plan to take the opportunity to go shopping for "American style" dress pants with a more full cut / longer crotch area. I am looking for pants to wear in a professional environment and for somewhat larger sizes (40" waist).

Clothing chains have the advantage that I can likely order additional clothing online after I return to Europe.

Where should I go shop for such pants? Ideally, I am looking for stores in Philadelphia city center, but I will have a car for a couple of days and can go a bit further if necessary.
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Macys, there's a huge store in the city center.

Lots of stuff to try all under one roof. EXCELLENT selection and no sales tax on clothing in PA. Ask for a coupon or look in the paper, you should score a 20% one easily.
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It really depends on how much you're wanting to spend. I'd check out Brooks Brothers (1500 block of Walnut St., $$$). Brooks is an especially classic American clothier, and one of the drivers of American menswear through most of the 20th Century. There's also Boyd's (1800 block of Walnut St., $$$$), which is a large and somewhat fancy men's clothing shop. I'd take a miss on Macy's; their mens' clothing is generally pretty terrible in quality and likely too far to the "full cut" side of the spectrum.

Since you'll have a car, you could also go out to the King of Prussia Mall, which is a giant shopping center about 25 minutes' drive away from Center City. There are both Brooks Brothers and J.Crew stores there (though I think J.Crew typically stops at 38, and sometimes 36, in-store), and literally dozens of others. I don't know if you're an American expat or not, but if you're born and raised in Europe, it might be an interesting "American" experience for you.
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Boyd's, in Center City Philadelphia, should be able to take excellent care of you. Outside of the city, the King of Prussia mall has Nordstrom's, Bachrach, Niemann Marcus and several other stores that would be of use.
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The thing with Macy's is that they tailor their offerings to the location. A top tier Macy's has much nicer merchandise than a bottom tier Macy's. A really low-end Macy's has sub-Target level quality. It's been awhile since I've been to the center city Macy's but I remember it as a very good one.

If you're looking for classic American cuts I'd hit Brooks Brothers or Jos. A Bank. Brooks Brothers is certainly higher quality and is more expensive. On the other hand Bank is decent quality and tends to do a very good job with more portly cuts. Brooks Brothers does have larger sizes but their clothing is generally cut to a more athletic physique. Given your requirements, I think Bank is going to do the job for you.

Both stores - and really any decent gentlemen's store - will keep your measurements on file and ship to you. Even if they don't take catalog orders for your country of residence, the salesperson at a local store will place the order and ship it to you. (An exception is places like Mexico where there's a lot of theft of packages.)
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Just to add that there is a J Crew at 17th and Chestnut in center city Philadelphia. There's a Jos A Bank around the corner on 17th St. between Chestnut & Market Streets.
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Thank you all for your great feedback. I will check out a few different suggestions and see what suits me best, but Brooks Brothers and Jos A Banks both sound like great options.
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