Where's the trivia?
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Can anyone tell me of some regular quiz/trivia nights being held in Seattle (especially toward the U-District). Alcohol and trivia go together so well...

Just turned 21. I'm a big fan of alcohol. I'm a big fan of College Bowl. Why can't I have both. I hear some pubs and bars like to do trivia nights every week or so. What are some good ones?
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The Old Pequliar in Ballard has trivia nights on Tuesdays.
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Murphy's in Wallingford has them Tuesdays (on 45th)
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Best trivia night ever: Kangaroo & Kiwi near 85th and Aurora. Wednesday nights, I believe. You have to go. They even have a picture round! And rowdy australians/kiwis.

Second best trivia night ever: Dante's in U-District. Don't remember the night.

Third best trivia night ever: George and the Dragon, in Fremont. Don't remember the night, either.

Have fun!
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Well I have to say that the one I host is damn good time.

Belltown Pizza (1st and Wall), Mondays at 7pm. Five rounds includign a music round, no entry fee, $30 gift certificate to the winning and the team that wins the 3rd round gets free drinks. We just started the second season two Mondays ago (we'll go until probably April).
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There's a trivia night at The Globe Tavern in Greenwood and one at The Wedgewood Tavern in Wedgewood...don't remember the day, however.
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There's a trivia night at The Globe Tavern in Greenwood...

That struck me as odd, since I live in Greenwood and I've never heard of the Globe Tavern. Google tells me that it used to be in the location that is currently the Ould Triangle.

The Ould Triangle also has a trivia night, can't remember which night, that seemed pretty good to me.
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I'm a regular at the Murphy's that tristeza mentions; good setup, with 3 separate and distinct rounds, 20 questions each round, at a $1 per player on your team to enter. Winning team each round gets the pot, second place gets a free pitcher of your choice of beer, and 3rd place gets some goofy Archie McPhee crap. On a good night the winning team takes $60+ for a round. Our team once took all 3 rounds on a night, and took about $150 total home!
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I know that the Hopvine on 15th Ave. in Capitol Hill has a trivia night that is well attended (though I can't remember what day of the week it is). They also have pitchers of local beers for ~$11.
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The Wedgwood Alehouse's is on Sunday nights at 9, I think.
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Molly Maguires on 65th in Lower Phinney - Wed evenings. $5 to enter, no team size limit, shot round, etc. Smoking.

Norm's Eatery and Alehouse in Fremont. Not sure of the night or other details, but non-smoking. I know the owner, and he runs the trivia. Good times...
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When the remodeled Ravenna Tavern (729-9083) opened, it was advertising trivia. Don't know if it is still going on, or the night.
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