How's it hanging?
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I want to hang a fluorescent strip light above my workbench. How can I do this?

I have a workbench which requires a strong light source suspended above it to illuminate the whole surface area, it's around 3m length and 1m deep. I am failing to find a way to do this simply and effectively. I am currently looking at suspending a fluorescent strip light from the ceiling beams but can only find expensive designer fittings that are not in keeping with the dusty old workshop in which I work (or my budget). I thought of suspending a tube by some rustic looking hemp rope that has been spliced and holds a metal eye to hold the tube. But how to wire it to run the power back to a powerpoint. I like the look of this shop which has done something similar. Can anyone advise as to how they did this, fittings etc?
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Here in the states there are many variations on "shop lights" for just this purpose. Two fluorescent tubes, plug in or hardwired, often with a pull chain switch. They are available basically anywhere.
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When I outfitted my shop, I picked up 8 "shop light" T8 fluorescent fixtures from my local big box hardware store (Friedman's) for twelve bucks a piece.

Here's the 3rd result for "shop light fluorescent" on

Wander from the electrical section to the lighting section. They're there.
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Yeah, you can buy inexpensive shop lights at any hardware store. Usually they come with some metal hooks and a length of chain to suspend them from the ceiling at the right height. Or you can get a light strip that you mount flush to the ceiling.

You can get plug-in models, where you'll need to run the cord to an outlet. Usually these have a switch in-line with the cord. Or, you can get hardwired ones that you'll need to wire up to existing circuitry. These are relatively straight-forward to install though you'll need to know about basic electrical safety and home wiring.

I've found the cheaper lights can really suck, so it's worth spending a few extra bucks on the better quality lights that use the slightly thinner fluorescent tubes.
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Response by poster: Any UK links would be great, my Google-fu has failed me so far.
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Searching amazon uk for "suspended fluorescent" in lighting brings up exactly the kinds of lights that are sold as shop lights in the US, searching for "garage lights" also has some good results.
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Here's some of what you want, I think.
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