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I'm looking for some fashion blogs for people that don't want to dress as "stereotypical man" or "stereotypical woman". Most of the genderqueer-umbrella-style blogs that I've seen have (presumably) male-bodied individuals wearing clothes that are stereotypically worn by female-bodied individuals, or vice versa. I'm looking for blogs where clothes that could be worn by anyone without other people batting an eye, are showcased. Genderqueer/non-cis clothing, if you will.
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Have you looked at Qwear? It has some of what you're trying to avoid, but at the same time it also features clothes that are androgynous worn (mostly) by women.
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This is a really tricky proposition, and something I've spent a lot of time wondering about myself. Almost all clothing styles are gendered in our society, and "absence" of gender markers in presentation or androgyny is usually presented as very thin, very white, and masculine leaning.

For me, what's personally worked, instead of stripping away any options that will be read a "girl" clothes or "boy" clothes, is that I've just sort of declared them all "people clothes" and decided there's room in my closet for tulle skirts and ratty jean vests, obnoxiously patterned skateboard socks and thigh high stockings, five-panel caps and sneakers and dresses.

I still wonder, what would genderqueer clothing look like? And can the answer to that please not be shapeless beige sacks? I think I've found my answer recently in the "gender ambivalent" clothing line QIAM, which I would gush about more but I vaguely know Kiam through the queer scene and I don't want my endorsement to be problematic. If you have any questions about the quality/etc I will happily gush via MeMail.

I'm looking for blogs where clothes that could be worn by anyone without other people batting an eye, are showcased.

A lot of whether something reads as "stereotypically" gendered is going to depend on how much of those stereotypes are ingrained into you and the vibes you're getting off the person's presentation. The same plaid shirt that looks feminine on Fit for a Femme is going to look transmasculine on one of the Bklyn Boihood calendar models. It's gonna look cisgendered on a bro dude and butch on a queer woman. Or not! It's just a plaid shirt, you know?

So, basically, I'm not sure your platonic ideal of a fashion blog that never has an clothing item that reads "masculine" or "feminine" exists, sadly. That being said, I identify as genderqueer (though I'm more ALL THE GENDER!!! than agender, personally) and here are the blogs under the "Queer" tab of my RSS reader that post lots of fashion photos.

Arched Eyebrow: A Fatshion Blog
the aforementioned Qwear
The Sissy Fit

I also love (lovelovelove) the Tumblrs of Fuck Yeah Hard Femme (warning: very, um, tumblr-y politics, but I love the curation and often they give me things to think about even if I don't 100% agree), Bklyn Boihood, and TeeVee Dinner.
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Sorry this answer is a million years late, but here is a Tumblr round up of gender queer blogs/resources.
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