Need to make a weighted vest look less intimidating
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I'm looking at purchasing a weighted vest for daily walks through the industrial park but frankly I think I'd look like I was planning to blow something up, or get shot at, or both. I'm looking for suggestions for making it look as innocent as it is. Spray paint it white? Wrap it in reflective tape? Incorporate it into a Darth Vader costume? Any and all ideas would be much appreciated.
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Can you color it pink?
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Wear it under your clothing?
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It's for exercise, right? Do you sew? I'm thinking sew a cover for it and style it like athletic shoes. You know, big chunks of gaudy colors, reflective tape, mesh bits, go-faster stripes, the works.
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Wear a big baggy t-shirt over it.
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If there's any chance you might be using it at dusk or in foggy/rainy weather as your outer (i.e. visible) layer, it should probably be made as reflective as possible, anyway.
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If I saw you at the park wearing this, anything increasing visibility would make it obvious to me that you were exercising. 3M reflective tape comes on rolls but also little shapes (dots, triangles, etc.) about an inch across - I've put them on the back of a running shell and they stay on well.
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If you can colour it bright orange or fluorescent yellow, I would assume you were some sort of maintenance person, rather than a bomber. You could do that with an extra reflective vest over the top (maybe tacked on with a few stitches here and there).
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Wear something that's obviously exercise clothing, wear this on top, and you will at least look like you are not trying to hide anything. Maybe consider also wearing some really silly wrist and ankle weights on top of your exercise clothes to remind people that this is a thing people do for exercise.
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Spandex. It's hard to be afraid of someone wearing spandex.
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How much weight are you really intending to carry? Do you really need 60lbs?

If you can get away with less, I strongly suggest you check out the Hyperwear Pro vest.

You control how much weight to put in the vest. Maximum weight loads are: Small (22lbs), Med.(24lbs), Large (34lbs), X-Large (48lbs) and XX-Large (64lbs)

I use a large with 20 pounds in it. The vest is sleek enough that it fits comfortably UNDER a sweatshirt and most casual observers would not even notice that I am wearing it. Also, the vest is designed extraordinarily well and is overall awesome quality.
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I'd put a high-vis vest over the top of it. It makes you more visible, it's baggy and will cover it quite well, it looks 'official' so people won't ask questions, and whose ever heard of a terrorist wearing one of them.
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How about a chainmail shirt? Not as heavy, but certainly not going to be mistaken for any sort of dangerous black vest device.
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I'm afraid this turned out to be a trick question in the end. The answer is: you can't make that particular vest look any less intimidating.

I tried many of the suggestions here to no avail. In particular it's just too big to put something over it and increasingly large amounts of yellow reflective tape made me look like, and I quote "A giant bumblebee on his way to bomb something."

I'll need to find something a little more discreet.

Thank you to everyone for your ideas.
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