Name that photo retouching software!
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I used it on a Windows machine in late 2012. It was a portrait retouching software, widely advertised with an animated GIF ('click the corner of the left eye...') and pretty freakin' awesome. Now, I can't find it and my Google-fu is no good. More inside.

Someone in the hivemind has GOT to know this...

The software led you through five (?) steps - click the corner of the left eye, then the right eye, the tip of the nose, the left corner of the lip, the right corner of the lip... Once that was done the portrait filled the left 2/3 of the screen, with the right 1/3 being sliders to change the shape and size of eyes, nose, etc..

I used this from mid-to-late 2012 on a Windows 7 machine (which was wiped and sold prior to a move). I don't specifically remember if I paid for it or not.

The best clue - when exported, the file saved as DSC_1234_pp_.jpg (the _pp_ being what the program added).

What program was this? Bonus points if there's a Mac version still floating around somewhere... :)
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Best answer: Portrait Professional?
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I'm not familiar with the software, but here is a collection of ten photo retouching programs, and the at-a-glance review options include "Enlarge Eyes," "Slim Face," and "Lift Cheeks," so it sounds like such "skew" features are common, though I can't say how they are implemented.

That link claims to be from 2014, and the overview includes OS support, noting which programs have Mac OS X support.
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Best answer: This review of Portrait Professional makes it sound like a (partial) match:
When you open your image you will be presented with a selection of is the face of male or female and you make your selection.

Then you click on the next button and you are presented with the task of first clicking on the left corner of the left eye and then the right corner of the right eye. You are then prompted to click on the tip of the nose, the left corner of the mouth and finally the right corner of the mouth.
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Best answer: N thing portrait pro, what you describe isn't to only way to use it, but it's a popular way
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Response by poster: Portrait Professional it is! It looks like it's been seriously updated, but it's the same program as before. Thanks all!
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