Need simple way to send family videos to our elderly mom.
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I'm looking for a tablet (and app) that'll allow my family to send our very elderly mom videos of great-grandkids and such. We've already setup a wifi photo frame and she loves it (from - great product!) but it doesn't support video. Her connection is thru a cell hotspot so a youtube-type solution isn't viable. I need to push videos to her tablet and of course, it has to be extremely simple for her to receive and view new movies. Any off-hand knowledge of a solution out there? Thanks!
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3G iPad Air running a Dropbox app, logged into a dedicated account you set up for sharing videos. She can get notifications from the app when a new file comes in.
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Can she access Facebook on her tablet? Facebook seems like it would be the perfect solution. You are the only person she has to "friend" and you can set her as an acquaintance so she only sees the stuff you want her to see.
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Flickr could be a good option - better than Facebook, since it would be really easy for her to really get bogged down in garbage on Facebook.
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I email links to YouTube videos to my elderly relatives and that works great.
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My 89-year-old grandmother looks at other people's PhotoStreams. You can post short videos to them as well as photos.

(She uses a Mac Mini that periodically my parents go and update, but I think that she could use an iPad just fine, it's just that no one has bought her one yet. There is some concern about the size of the text on an iPad being a problem, but I think it would be doable.)

This presumes the rest of the family's part of the Mac/iDevice ecosystem, though.

Oh, hey, on review of your post, you're looking for a tablet. How about an iPad? Probably an iPad Air would be better than an iPad mini, but maybe she could look at both?
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Just to clarify, why does a cell hotspot connection take YouTube out of the mix? I'm Assuming the issue would be lack of always on connection, or increased data use. I love the drop box suggestion earlier, but it will require a background connection and will use a considerable amount of data.
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We do this with the grandparents through a shared photostream between our iphones/ipad and their ipads. Works great.
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Thanks for the tips! I'm avoiding streaming solutions (youtube, fb) because the cell hotspot data is expensive and repeated plays will blow the bill sky high. Hadn't thought of dropbox, might work assuming it caches the files and the interface is simple enough. Photostream is good to if I can get everyone on icloud. Thanks MeFites!
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