What is the best way to track ebook price drops?
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I have a new Kindle, I have a Goodreads account with dozens of books I'd like to read. There are probably hundreds of books I'd buy for the right price. What is the best way to track ebook temporary sales and price drops?

Amazon's best seller and sales pages aren't useful here because they tend to be books I don't care about (or haven't heard of) mixed in with books I'd like to read but are at full price. This question is focused on the Kindle, but I'm comfortable buying books outside of Amazon and converting or manually uploading.

(I know I can get books that have either expired their copyright or are free to borrow through the public library system. Trust me I'm doing this too.)
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I'm trying out Luzme which is designed to let you know when prices change. You can select the ebook retailers you want to track in the settings, which is pretty neat. You're also supposed to be able to let it track existing lists at goodreads, LibaryThing and Amazon, though I haven't tried this feature.

The site isn't perfect as yet, and they are missing a few retailers on there, but the devs are actively seeking user feedback right now, so you can let them know what to add or tweak.
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Best answer: eReaderIQ lets you track Amazon price drops by book or author
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I feel like I should throw this out there too:


It lets you see all the currently free Amazon books.

Free is always the right price for some things! I pick the genre I want, then sort Ave Stars and then check out books with the higher number ratings.
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This isn't quite what you're looking for, but I've found that by following my favorite authors on Twitter/Facebook/subscribing to their email newsletter/etc. I hear directly from them when their book, say, drops to 99c.
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Best answer: My mom just turned me on to eReaderIQ, where you can import your Amazon wishlist and ask it to notify you of drops.
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Also if you want to compare the different stores' prices in one go, AddAll and InkMesh are the standard recommendations on the MobileRead Deals forum.
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I haven't tried it, but I think Bookbub sort of does this.
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Note that eReaderIQ's Amazon.com alerts are for eBooks on the American market, not the international shop. Extremely frustrating to get "Book X's price has dropped to $1.99", check and see that the book is still $14.99 for me.

Great site, just not for us unlucky Europeans.
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Another option is camelcamelcamel.com
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