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I've been hired by a client to design a (relatively) simple brochure for her. She'd like it to be bilingual (English/French) and, due to this, would ideally like all the content in one language to be on one side of the 8.5"x11" page, so it's easier to read when completely unfolded. It's like a reverse Z-fold...

Here's a link to the type of fold we'd like to use.

I've already asked VistaPrint if this is a format they support. They said no. I could, obviously, send in a digital file with things upside down and placed strangely in order to get it done, but since they outright told me "no, we cannot accomodate your request", I'd rather go elsewhere.

My client would ideally not like to spend more than $100 (+taxes, shipping to Montreal) for 100 brochures. Paper would be a standard 80 pound glossy, in the standard 8.5"x11" size, so really, it's about finding someone who can accomodate the fold request.

Anyone have any recommendations for other sites they've used (or have heard really good things about) that might be able to do this? Thanks! :)
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I'm looking at http://www.uprinting.com/ to print my wedding programs. They are very inexpenisve (2 side on card stock for 250 sheets is like $120 and on a really weird paper size) and the samples they sent and reviews online are solid.

I priced them out (They do z-fold) and are $57 plus shipping for 100 sheets on 80 lb paper. No idea if they ship to canada but maybe can ship to an american who resends it?
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Response by poster: Unfortunately, neither of those sites will ship to Canada and my client would prefer that it ship directly to her.

Any other suggestions, hive mind? :)
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Years ago I put together a similar brochure for my employer. We needed a few dozen copies for a trade show and the "real" ones weren't going to be ready in time. So I had the trade show copies printed locally and recruited my co-workers to help fold them. So, that might be an option if you only need 100.

I've also done tens of thousands of dollars worth of work with Garlich Printing and while they are not strictly an "online" printer, they do have a web-to-print upload interface and they would be happy to ship to Canada.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the advice, folks -- a local friend of mine suggested a local printer she's done work with before. Much appreciated.
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