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What are some of the newest methods being used these days to teach young children arithmetic?

I've heard there are some newer pencil-and-paper methods in particular for teaching multiplication and division. I would like to know more about these methods (what they are called, what exactly they are, what are the benefits, etc.). Where can I find information about the latest and greatest ways to teach math to young schoolchildren? I'm aware of Singapore Math and Saxon and other programs - my question is more about specific methods for teaching arithmetic, in particular multiplication and division.
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My elementary kid's school uses enVision math.
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You could try looking up partial products, partial quotients, and lattice multiplication.
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There was a programme about this on BBC radio 4 last Wednesday, 'How to Teach Maths', now available on their site (you may need a proxy depending on where in the world you are). I didn't hear the show, I figured on picking it up later, but the trailer for it talked about 'new methods for teaching maths' that the narrator claims not to recognise in comparison with his own school days. There are further links on the page related to things in the programme.
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