Earth shoes for men?
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Awhile back, Earth shoes used to offer footwear for men. My dad loved these, mostly because of their so-called Negative Heel Technology. Do they actually work? I have no clue. But dad wants what he wants, and he wants these negative heel shoes in the style of the old Earth shoes. I believe he wears something similar to this, and his pair is starting to wear out, so he is on the hunt for a suitable replacement. Are you male and a fan of Earth shoes/negative heel technology? Where do you get your fix? Are you not male but no someone else who's a fan of these shoes? TYIA!
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Look on ebay.

I know what your dad is talking about, I bought a pair of Earth shoe gym shoes from the thrift store (like new) about ten years ago and they are the most comfortable shoes I have. They are beat up and junky but I can't quit them.
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Earth Shoes are still made; I get 'em from And yes, I find them very comfortable; I spend a lot of time on my feet and can stand in those suckers all day.
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Earth Shoes are still made

Not for men. I think there was a decline in the number of available styles and then they got discontinued altogether.
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I have no actual experience with these, but Aurora Shoes are handmade shoes with the earth shoe aesthetic... maybe an email to them to see if they can reproduce the negative heel technology?
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I had Earth Shoes and loved everything except the negative heel. Wider in the toes, flexible, nicely made. I haven't seen any evidence that the negative heel is especially good for you.
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From the Earth website FAQ:
Fall/Winter 2011 was the last season we offered Men's Kalso Earth® Shoes. At some point in the future, we may look to re-introduce Men's Kalso Earth® Shoes. This will be a decision that's dictated both by demand and market conditions.
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My father wore a pair of Earth Shoes for roughly a decade after any sensible person would have retired them, and he was happy with the re-issued, now discontinued version from a few years ago.

The good news is that it is a lot easier lately to find shoes without ridiculous elevation. Look for anything labeled "zero rise". I even found a pair of casual low boots by Ecco right on the shelf at The Walking Company that have very little or no rise.
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