Looking for "nugget ice" in NYC
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I've got a super-pregnant buddy who has been craving ice. Specifically, the "Sonic-style" crunchy ice that's nice to chew. Any leads on where to find such a thing in New York City? She lives in Queens, so it'd be nice to be able to grab a big old bag of it somewhere (so it could survive the subway journey) and surprise her with it.
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This is not directly an answer to your question, but pregnant women craving ice is a thing -- specifically, a thing called pica. It is heavily correlated with being deficient in iron or other minerals, which is not a great thing to be in pregnancy. So in addition to trying to hunt down the perfect ice, you should probably urge her to tell her doc about this, if she hasn't already.
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Thanks, KathrynT, will do. I believe she's fully up on the pica thing, but I'll make sure.
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Another indirect answer, when I was pregnant and specifically craved sonic ice, I had gestational diabetes. I also needed udon noodles.
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Burger Kings often have good ice, and I'm told they let people buy it by the bag.
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Around here (CA) AMPM stores have the nugget ice. I don't know if you can buy it by the bag but they will let you fill up your cup with ice for 10 cents or something like that, so they would probably let you buy more.

If you don't have AMPM stores, check other chain convenience stores.
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Hill Country Chicken by Madison Square Park has this kind of ice. Not sure if you could get a bag, but the might let you fill up a big cup (it's self serve).
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Most high end cocktail bars will have nugget/pellet ice because they use it for juleps, swizzles, etc. Are you near Dutch Kills by any chance? They may let you buy a big bag... Most of the time this "pellet ice" is being made by a large, expensive Kold Draft machine.

If that fails, call up Natuzzi Brothers, though I'm not sure what their minimum order is. And you'll probably need to take the bus + the subway.
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Here in Chicago I think the new pop dispencers for coke products with the touch screen and flavors despence pellet ice. I love this stuff. Nthing the make sure she's not iron deficient.
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Adding noodles and company has them here. Though I've Also seen them at a Wendy's but just one.
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this askme has some suggestions as well as DIY tips for making it.
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I, too, love this type of ice. You could try this website (www.luvthenug.com) and put in her zip code to find places that sell it, then see if they'll let you buy a big bag.
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The hospital where I gave birth had it. Maybe her hospital will let her get it from them.
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Speedway convenience stores have very similar ice. Look for a machine called Polar Pop.
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If all else fails, there are Sonic drive ins in New Jersey, and Sonic stores do typically sell bags of ice. I know it's like an hour each way if you don't have a car, so it is really if all else fails.
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Thank you all so much! I forwarded this link to my buddy's husband, who seemed a bit delighted. She remains healthy and checked-out, so no worries, but thanks for the tips. I assume she's chowing down on some nice crunchy ice as we speak.
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