El Salvador in May?
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How is El Salvador as a travel destination in May? I'm thinking of going to El Salvador for the last week in May this year and am a little concerned about the weather ( rain in particular ). Is the weather there bad enough that I should think about other options? Are there particular areas that I should either avoid or make a point of visiting at that time of year?
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I don't know El Salvador but (as there are no other replies yet) I found the rainy season in Costa Rica was fine. Sure there was very heavy rain some of the time but there was also plenty of sun.
It might depend on just where in El Salvador you'll be ... maybe add that info to the thread.
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I went to El Salvador in May, and it was awesome. It was at the beginning of the month, though.

EDIT: Er, I guess that is a private album. But it did not rain. I was on the southern coast - specifically, El Tunco - and in the capital (more towards the middle, but it's a pretty small country so not sure the variation in weather will be that big).
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses. As originally planned, I ended up going at the end of May. The weather was just fine. It rained almost every night and almost not at all in the daytime. This was in the inland, western part of the country.
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