Laser Jet 1000, we miss you so
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Anyone have a good/safe source for a driver for the HP Laser Jet 1000 - difficulty Windows 8.1? The printer is a workhorse but my dad just "upgraded" to a new computer with 8.1 and I'd like to find him a way to use this printer. It's an ancient printer and HP long ago stopped supporting it (of course, because HP).
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Have you tried the Universal Print Driver? The front end is a little obnoxious, but for the most part it seems to just work with lots of random old HP printers.
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I don't think the LaserJet 1000 is supported by the Universal Print Driver because it doesn't support PCL5, PCL6, or Postscript. It's very much of a WinPrinter and needs a driver specifically written for it. '

You're probably better off just getting a new, cheap laser from Brother, preferably one that supports Postscript out of the box so you'll never have to worry about having the correct driver again.
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Did you try HP's driver for Windows XP? I use an XP era driver on my Win 8.1 system (for an Epson scanner that is no longer getting updates).
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Also: have you tried just plugging the printer into the computer to see if Win 8.1 already has a driver for that printer? Windows often comes with available drivers for older devices.
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Maybe you could run an older version of Windows in a Virtual Machine within your 8.1 installation. Connect the printer to that virtual machine, and run a print server or printer sharing queue from there. Then connect from your 8.1 installation as if it is a networked printer.

I have no idea if this will work, but it might point to a general solution (i.e., buy a dedicated print server box to share it on your network, or set up some software equivalent, like what I describe above).
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I've seen people use the VM solution with Linux using the foo2zjs driver. Unless you're really into tinkering it might not be very reliable or fun to do this. I managed to get mine working under FreeBSD a long time ago...
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Seconding trying the Windows XP driver. May or may not work, but doesn't hurt to try.
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For posterity, the XP driver didn't work, the UPD didn't work, and just plugging in the printer didn't work.
For my dad's purposes, I bought a new Brother printer. Using another computer, I'm going to play around with the VM solution and I like the dedicated print server box idea.
Thanks for the suggestions, all!
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