Looking for 17th Century Polish poetry books
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Asking for my husband - he recently met a man who when younger had a love for 17th century Polish poetry. He wasn't clear if there was one specific poet, or just poetry from that era. My husband would love to buy him a book of such poems (in Polish) as a gift. But since neither of us knows Polish, Googling isn't helping much. It could be a new or old edition, anthologies are fine. Must be able to ship to the US. Thanks in advance!
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I just realized -- it is also possible that my husband misheard or misremembered and he is looking for poetry from the 1700's (18th century) - so if that is what is holding answers up, I'm willing to add 100 years.
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Wybor poezji (Biblioteka narodowa) (Polish Edition) by Jan Morsztyn could be a good start. you want to be googling for "poezja barokowa"
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The thing is the 17th century was not the best time for poetry.
For that period however, one of the most notable polish writers would be Andrzej Maksymilian Fredro - even his screenplays were written in poems. Other important poets of the Baroque era were Piotr Kochanowski, Wespazjan Kochowski (most important work: Wiosna, Grzesznik), Jan Andrzej Morsztyn (Zapust, W kwartanie, Do trupa, Nieustawiczna, Pszczoła w bursztynie, Do panny), Hieronim Morsztyn, Daniel Naborowski (Votum, Do Anny, Na oczy królewny angielskiej, Impreza: Calando poggiando, to na dół to do góry), Łukasz Opaliński, Maciej Kazimierz Sarbiewski, Samuel Twardowski (Nagrobek Garsonkowi), and Szymon Zimorowic (Roksolanek, Hilarion). (Note: some links to the Polish wiki, no English entries exist for those. Other linked English entries might not identify the poets as such, the respective Polish versions will)

There were some niche movements, so if your giftee was into this a lot, his faves might be not even listed here. Most noatble niche is "poezja metafizyczna".

As for books, might be a tough one. "Panorama poezji polskiej okresu baroku" - a whole lot of poetry and explanations in two parts. By Claude Backvis. But it seems unavailable everywhere I checked. "Antologia polskiej poezji metafizycznej epoki baroku" by Krzysztof Mrowcewicz, unavailable. "I w odmianach czasu smak jest: antologia polskiej poezji epoki baroku" by Jadwiga Sokołowska, again not available.
You'll probably have better luck searching for books regarding the body of work of one poet, even though many were published in the 60s, 70s and 80s and might be out of print.
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Dang there are some smart people on Metafilter. I am really impressed by the earlier answers. My only suggestion is to maybe check the used market. There are four pages of results for polish poetry on abe.com.
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