Help me identify this fantasy novel
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I bought it from a thrift store sometime in the 90's. Mostly, I recall there being an auction of magical/religiously significant items and a chase scene involving a golem.

Other things I think I remember about the book (some of which I am less certain of):

- Possibly the major item being sold at the auction were the 30 silver pieces paid to Judas Iscariot?
- There may have been something about the protagonists acquiring a Hand of Glory before attending the auction?
- I'm pretty sure the guy running the auction turned out to be Judas Iscariot who was also the Wandering Jew. And possibly the Hanged Man from the tarot deck.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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A little Google told me that this sounds like Devil's Auction.
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I think that's it - awesome! Thanks very much!
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