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My latest annoyance is that this used iPhone 4s that I bought has the headphone jack on the top. This makes getting it in and out of my jacket pocket and holding it annoying for me. And I can't just turn the phone upside down like an iPad does. Is there such thing as a case that either replicates the headphone jack on the bottom, or has its own built-in headphones originating from the bottom? I found this one but the headphone cord still comes out of the top. Alternatively, recommendations for bluetooth headphones that have comparable good battery life and sound quality to the plugged-in kind.
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Get an iPhone 5 instead?
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I don't think what you want exists - I certainly haven't seen it, and it would be a pretty bulky case just to to move the headphone jack around. (Bringing the sound in from the 30-pin port would be a huge power drain, too.)

The new 5 phones do have the jack at the bottom; alternately, The Wirecutter recommends these bluetooth headphones.
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I have the bluetooth headphones linked by Tomorrowful and I highly recommend them. Have changed my life - I have basically worn them all day every day for the past year. Good for work, home, travel, commute.
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Thanks for the headphone recommendation!

Getting an iPhone 5 isn't an option, otherwise I wouldn't have asked the question.
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Could one of these work for you? (Adds an audio output from the normal usb port on the bottom)
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