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Smashed screen on a two and a half year old iPad 2. Is there ANY hope that I'm walking out of an Apple Store with a free (or cheap) replacement? Is this even worth trying for?
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Well iPad 2 refurbs are around $300. Does that count as cheap? But, no. They are really not likely to replace it for free.
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They have no more reason in this situation to give you a new iPad than you would have to give them $400 because they walked up to your door and said, "Hey, you know how you bought that iPad from us a few years back? Well, we spent all the money you gave us, so can we have another $400?"
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Response by poster: I'm aware of basic economics, yes. But when I've had to replace an iPad nano for similar problems I've been offered the new one at a steep discount. Has anyone had any experience with that with older iPads?
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swappa has them going for $225-350 (16-64GB) (and is an all-around great source for used phones and tablets...and selling your old ones)
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Maybe give this a shot?
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From what I've read online about other people's experience, you should definitely bring your iPad to an Apple Store and let them take a look, but set your expectations low.
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It is possible to replace an iPad 2's screen, speaking from experience. It requires a heat gun, a significant amounbt of care, and a part that costs $80-100.

But I've also seen an Apple store employee outright replace an iPad 2 with a broken screen.
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(I should note the replacement happened a couple of years ago, before they started offering a charged plan that offers device replacements, so my experience from back then might not be offered these days.)
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Let yourself be conspicuously sad. That will work a lot better than sweatily angling for a cheap solution.
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Response by poster: I got a refurb for 2/3 the cost of a new one and no warranty, which I guess is their standard offer in these circumstances... Thanks all.
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A few months ago I dropped my way-out-of-warranty iPad 2, and the screen cracked, and the frame bent a little. It still works and I'm still using it, but last month I had a genius bar appointment about my laptop. Since I was already there, I asked about my iPad. The genius said she could replace it for $150. So make an appointment, maybe they'll make you the same offer! You can make a genius bar appointment from the Apple Store app.

The complication that prevented me from getting mine replaced is that it was a gift to me and has a charming engraving. I mentioned this and she said if you call AppleCare, they can arrange to sell you an engraved one for the same price, but Apple Stores can't do that.
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Screen is a pretty easily replaced part, and even getting it serviced should be under $150, maybe $100. Here's a local company that does it for $129-- they do mail service, but you can probably get faster locally. (Some friends have used them; I'm not affiliated.)
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I work for a school district with a student iPad initiative. We send iPads with cracked screens to this place. The listed screen repair price is $139 for an ipad-2. Turn around time is usually about a week.

On the other hand, while I've personally replaced a cracked screen on an iPhone with a kit from eBay, it was pretty hard for an amateur. Subsequent attempts to do the same thing on an iPod touch cost me two kits and a messed up iPod.
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Is it just the digitizer (looks like the front glass) or is the screen also damaged?

I'm pretty sure the iPad2 those parts weren't bonded together, so they can be replaced independently.

I have a friend who charges $75 for digitizer-only. The digitizer part is about $30.
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