What was this game?
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I'm wondering if you can recall a certain indie game about multiple generations of flying creatures peacefully growing flowers on an island.

You controlled a family of round bugs that went around planting and watering flowers to get seeds to plant more flowers. There were other races of bugs doing the same thing on the island, and you mated with them to make hybrid offspring. You and the other families claimed territory by dragging a box; if you planted in someone else's territory, it was treated like an act of war and the AI would drop poison on your flowers. (Poison was completely optional; the game had some sort of message about peace.)

I believe you finished the game by getting five generations of your bugs to die in the same spot, creating a portal.

I remember a readme from the author talking about his extremely frugal lifestyle, saying something like he and his family live on $12k per year.

It was a very small installation; it might just have been a small zip file with an executable, a couple asset files and the Readme. It ran on Windows. I installed it about the time Galcon came out in Ludum Dare 8, if that helps.

What game am I remembering?
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Except for the description of bugs - this sounds a little like Creatures.
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... having played Creatures, this sounds nothing like Creatures. At a loss otherwise, though.
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Best answer: The author's frugal lifestyle got it for me, that's Jason Roher, and looking at his site, the game sounds like a match for Cultivation.
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Response by poster: That is exactly what it is! I'm glad I included that detail. Thank you so much. And, thanks for guessing Creatures, SK. Looks fun.
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