Practical gifts for parents of newborn Twins? In Singapore...
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Hello, My brother and Sis in law are expecting twins in a couple days. What gifts can I send them? It has to be able to ship to Singapore, around $100 (USD) or so, and best if it can ship through Amazon Global.

I have seen a couple of similar older posts, but I need something that will ship to Singapore, I'm in the US if it matters.

Also, they do have enough family support since the grandparents are close to help them - so the help with cleaning/cooking/taking care of stuff when the new parents tend to babies does not essentially apply.

I'm wondering what I can send them? Its best if it can be something done online... I've been looking at Amazon global (anything really, I even thought of diapers (!)). Something practical that they can use?

I thought of sending this Fisher Price Rocker, but perhaps there are better ideas? Any experience with that rocker? Anything similar/useful I can send?

Recommendations for baby clothes/blankets/bath products etc.? Anything for the new mom?

I'm pretty close to my brother and sis in law, but they certainly won't tell me if there was something they needed, and if asked, will discourage me from spending anything. But I'd still like to do something nice to mark the happy occasion. Ideas?
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I think a rocker is a nice idea, especially as it's self-rocking (or at least self-vibrating.) You don't need a MeFite to have experience of a specific rocker; Amazon reviews and cumulative ratings I have always found to be excellent guidelines.

What I would say if you want to look at bouncers/rockers is to get something you can afford to send two of. This is not just cute; it's practical. With twins, you really seriously desperately need somewhere you can put both babies while you pee, and it is great to be able to be able to put both babies in the bouncers in the bathroom with you to grab a quick shower.
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I don't know if Amazon ships to Singapore, have you considered purchasing a gift card from a nice Singapore based store? I shop here for my wardrobe while the Muji stores are really high quality designer goods which are very affordable. I have a loyalty card with them. CK Tangs is the brandname main street department store. There are others if you need more recommendations.

here is a singaporean online baby store as well one for example with rockers etc
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We have a 7-week old, and it just occurred to me that you might want to send several different types of swaddling blankets, or perhaps several different types of pacifiers. Our baby sleeps better when swaddled, but only 1 of the 4 brands we tried works the best. And so far he won't take the 2 pacifier brands we've tried, but we're trying 2 more since he desperately loves sucking on a pinky finger. (Caution: if the babies will be breastfed, the parents may may want to wait until breastfeeding is established to allow pacifiers. We waited a month before we even tried one.)

If any of the swaddling blankets or pacifiers work really well they can always order more of that kind.

Other nice gift ideas: non-messy foods you can eat with one hand (fancy bars like Bumble Bars, or nice dried pineapples or something) or an Amazon gift card.
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Amazon global to Singapore will cost a lot unless you do free shipping for over $125 and that's a 2-3 week delivery period. You're better off using a local baby shop. I have bought things from Lamkins and BabyTown and I know Pupsik and Motherswork are decent stores too.

Please do NOT get them swings unless they have asked for them or you're sure they have the space. We don't have a tradition of baby showers here, so they probably have already purchased all the things they needed or were given them. Because of space, especially with twins, they probably have chosen very specific items. Are they doing the one month celebration thing? Because then you can send just a pair of cute onesies and a red packet.

I really like these for baby gifts, and also these Milestone cards are my go-to gift for babies. These swaddle cloths are very popular here because they're so airy and can be layered easily for warmth in air-conditioning. I really appreciated them and used them a lot. Two sets would be very nice.
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Definitely go with a local store! Shipping from the US will take too long. Couple more online stores to tack on to viggorlijah's recommendations: Bebe Avenue and Baby Online. Swaddles in cheery prints make fantastic (and immediately useful) gifts. Or a Sophie teether, which is getting really popular here.
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