Should I ask about 2nd interview after phone interview a while back?
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I had a phone interview with a HR recruiter of a company three weeks ago. We both acknowledged that the company won't fill the full time position until at least a month later while I remain working as a freelancer. Now, I am about to finish this project and I wonder if I should call to let the recruiter know that I will be free in the following weeks. The reason being that the company is located out of state so it won't be easy to take a personal leave for it if I am on a new project. I understand that the recruiter would call back if I am moved on to the next step but since my status on their career site is still "in progress" and I am on the "take the next project or not" situation. Do you think it would be appropriate to call and ask about a in-person interview? Thanks for your help.
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I don't think you should assume they will just call you. The recruiter may have a long to-do list and if you aren't persistent, you'll get lost in the shuffle. At the very least, if the company no longer interested in you, wouldn't you like to know? I wouldn't hesitate to call back and reiterate your interest in the position, ask where they are in the hiring process and I assume they are aware you are consulting, so you can let them know you have a break in consulting projects and would love follow up with them. It can't hurt to ask as long as you are pleasant and show enthusiasm for the job. I wouldn't necessarily be like, "Hey, I have nothing going on." But you could just say you were wondering when they might follow up without even mentioning the break. That might give you the clarity you seek. Mentioning the break, to me, depends on whether it will sound desperate or sketchy or normal.
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Totally. It's a perfectly reasonable and professional thing to do. Call them up, tell them you're interested and mention that you have some flexibility in a week or so and wanted to check in.
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