How to clean Geneva metal kitchen cabinets
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My new place has original 1960's Geneva metal kitchen cabinets (and cook top and wall oven!) in mustard. I have found a lot of information on how to sell or repaint metal cabinets but nothing helpful on maintaining them. There are some scans of original instructions, which say to NOT use detergent and to use a special metal cabinet cleanser but do not say exactly what that cleanser is. Does anyone have any tips?
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Try poking around the Retro Renovation site. The people that run the site are very nice, and if they haven't already posted something about caring for metal cabinets, I bet they'd be able to point you in the right direction.
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Response by poster: Thanks! I found a post about someone scanning the original instructions, but the image was missing. I dug a little more and found the image at here. Apparently, one can use Lux, which I hear about every week on The Big Broadcast!
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Another option would be Jubilee. It's a wax, so it cleans and protects.

Here's a blurb on it from Retro Renovation (THE site for preserving your MCM beauties!)
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