Identify my job (government/nonprofit) so I can find a different one
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What is in a job title? What partnership building jobs exist in the public and nonprofit sectors?

I appreciate many aspects of my job but there are a lot of things I don't like about my employer. So, I would like to have my eyes open for other opportunities - the trouble is I don't know how to describe what I do and what other similar positions are out there.

My current job title is Strategic Partnerships Manager and I work for a Housing Authority. The Housing Authority is a quasi-governmental entity. My job consists of building partnerships with outside agencies/nonprofits to create and improve programs to serve low-income populations. I also work on fundraising including building relationships that may lead to grants or other opportunities. Lastly, I work on some special projects including coordinating (sort of managing) a small community center (where a number of human services nonprofits and governmental agencies are co-located and offer services). I schedule my own day and have meetings around the city as I deem appropriate. I like the freedom of my job and I really enjoy working with my peers at outside agencies and nonprofits.

What are some similar job - especially in the public/nonprofit sectors? I don't know of other Strategic Partnerships Managers in government or nonprofits (I just made up that title when I helped develop my position). I'm in the U.S.
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Well, I once had a job at a non-profit organization where my title was the Director of Partner Programs, so that definitely exists! However, I think you'll have to just keep your eyes open and look at a wide variety of positions, because often these types of roles go by other names. Some keywords to look out for: programs, outreach, community relations.
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External relations might be another key phrase. Coalitions director is also a non profit term I've encountered.
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"Development" is what non-profits use to refer to fundraising - relationships with foundations, corporate partners (sponsors/donors), and individuals. So you want a job on the development team, as a development manager or Chief Development Officer, or Director of Development.
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Do you want to stay in housing-related issues, or would you be open to this kind of work that deals with other issues? If you want to stay in housing, maybe look on housing-specific job boards like this one or this one?

Sounds like your current title captures what you do well, and there are indeed other jobs like that out there. They can be called all kinds of things so you are just going to have to look. Good possible search terms: community relations, outreach director, community liaison, community program manager, director of community/institutional/governmental partnerships, governmental relations, community engagement, external affairs, director of social enterprises, community collaborations manager.

I would be careful about "development" jobs; they are likely to have much less community focus and partnership/program building than what you do now (though plenty of relationship building if you're up high enough). Still worth looking at, but it sounds like your current job has a lot of elements that you won't find in typical development positions.
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Another keyword: program development

I think this often refers to more internal operations like strategic planning and/or evaluation but could also be applied to work developing programs with partners or assisting partners to develop programs, like you do. Sometimes this is tied to development in the fundraising sense, since part of developing a good program is figuring out how it will be funded.
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Program or partnership manager, specialist or coordinator.
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In the association world, you might get a similar day to day experience in certain membership or chapter relations positions. Also, in places I have worked, the line between strategic partnerships and development has been very blurry.
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