Kid-Friendly Breakfast Spots & Activities in Charlotte, North Carolina
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I am meeting up with some friends in Charlotte who have a long layover there Saturday morning. I live just a couple of hours away but have not spent much time there. Can you recommend a good breakfast spot and/or places we could hang out for a few hours that would occupy the kids (ages 7-9) and also give us adults some time to chat?
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Happy to help. A few questions first: Layover = you'll pick them up at the airport? Can you be more specific on the timeframe? Just want to be sure we factor in travel time for you.
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Response by poster: Sorry - I'm spending the night there Friday night, so travel isn't a factor. I will probably pick them up at the airport around 8:00am and they have to be back there at 1:00.
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The closest place one can recommend is Cracker Barrel on Queen City Rd, it's about 3 miles away from the airport. Most folks like the food, and enjoy browsing the store. It's a pretty safe bet.

Here's a place that sounds interesting. Zada Jane's. It's about 10 miles from the airport, but pretty much everything is.

Weirdly, they don't post their breakfast menu on their site, but I found it elsewhere.

They have two grills, one for meat, one for vegetarian and some soy protein options (if anyone swings that way.)

Another option is the Flying Biscuit. I'm not a fan, but Husbunny loves it. (the one on Park Rd would be your closest bet.)

Another one on Park Ave is Toast Cafe, typical breakfast joint.

The Original Pancake House is a favorite of mine, they have bacon pancakes! The one on Charlottestown Ave is the closest one at about 8 miles away.
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IMAGINON if you're heading uptown.
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Best answer: Zada Jane's is pretty good and in a funky neighborhood with vintage shops you could wander through after breakfast. The OPH on Charlottetown Ave is great and very kid-friendly, but be aware there will be a line on Sat morning and there's nowhere but the parking lot to pass the time. But when you're done eating you will be close to uptown, home of both Imaginon (children's library), Discovery Place (kid-friendly science museum), or even the NASCAR Hall of Fame. There's a community greenmarket just across the light rail track from Imaginon, inside 7th Street Station, with a great coffee shop and enough room for the kids to run around without disturbing other people too much.

There's also an OPH near South Park Mall if shopping (or killing time in a mall) is of any interest. It's an easy drive from the airport.
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Best answer: I came to recommend Discovery Place. I know there's a cafe inside, though I haven't been there in years. They don't open 'til 10 am on Saturdays, though, so breakfast somewhere else is your best bet.
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