Visa agency in Houston, TX for Brazil travel
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Recommendations for a visa agency in Houston, Texas (one that's open on weekends) to obtain a tourist visa to travel to Brazil?

I'm traveling to Brazil from the U.S. (Dallas area). I need a tourist visa, but I'm not sure I'll be able to make it in person to the nearest Brazilian consulate (which is in Houston) before I leave. The consulate has a list of approved agencies that will handle a visa application on a traveler's behalf, but it's long and I'm not sure which company to use. Recommendations from anyone who has used any of these firms in the past would be greatly appreciated!
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My wife has used VIP Passport Services in the past for Canadian Visas, so far no problems.
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Are you sure you have to use an approved agency? (The consulate site isn't loading for me.) I was in a similar position last year in Mexico -- couldn't get to the consulate in Mexico City -- and I just had a friend in the city drop off my stuff. There was an extra fee but he didn't have to be approved.
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I work for one of the consulate's approved visa agencies (though not in the Houston office,) and yes, you do need to use one of the listed agencies:

"The Consulate General of Brazil in Houston only accepts visa applications from the affiliated visa agencies."
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At the end of 2011, I used Visa Express - Houston and the consulate accepted them just fine.
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