Best burger in Cleveland, Ohio? (West Side)
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I understand this is an opinion question, but still: give me your tips on where to find the juiciest burgers around Cleveland. We live near Crocker Park in Westlake, so the nearer the better, but we are willing to drive a bit if it is something special. Tasty onion rings on the menu are a plus!
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Well, Bearden's is a local tradition. B Spot is literally right in your neighborhood at Crocker Park. I ate at The Rail at Great Northern a few weeks ago and enjoyed it.
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Great Lakes Brewing Co near the West Market had awesome food when I was there.
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Melt Bar and Grill Great grilled cheese, good burgers, eclectic selection of cold beer.
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Nthing B Spot. They have excellent onion rings as well. And the Lola Fries... YUM.
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You're not going to find a better burger in Cleveland than at B-Spot.
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I like the burgers at Hecks Cafe (in Ohio City very close to the West Side Market) and The Diner on Clifton (southeast corner of W 117th & Clifton).
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So, B Spot has rightly gotten their due - if you haven't been there and tried the New Jack City and/or the Porky...well, you need to. If you're interested in less-gourmet, more-traditional grease-cheese-meat excellence, take a drive south to one of the Swenson's Drive-Ins near Akron. You can thank me later.
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Also, years ago I liked The Savannah in Westlake.

I haven't been there in forever, but apparently a little under a year ago it reverted to the original owner, so hopefully the food is as good as it was when I was there on a semi-regular basis.
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Possibly worth the drive (or at least worth stopping in if you're in the area) is The Main Street Cafe in downtown Medina. The owner is a trained & experienced butcher and keeps a close eye on the quality of the meat.

apparently I've eaten a lot of burgers . . . . . .
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I really like Heck's for burgers.
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Bearden's is close to you AND delicious, B Spot is one of our faves, Deagan's in Lakewood is always good, too.
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Definitely B Spot.
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They're a little out of the way (Chagrin Falls and Hudson), but the Flip Side is my favorite burger in Cleveland. It's comparable to The Rail and B Spot, but in my opinion, much better. I can't speak for their onion rings, but the sweet potato fries with horseradish sauce alone are worth the trip.

Even further from you is Ray's Place in Kent. Michael Symon (who owns B Spot) said that the MoFo from Ray's was his favorite burger. If you go here, you'll probably run into me.

Finally, the Greenhouse Tavern is, in my opinion, the best food in Cleveland. I haven't tried the Ohio Beef Burger, but I'm sure it'd be great.
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