Shipping books from Germany to the U.S.
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I'm looking to ship a box full of books from Berlin in Germany to New York City, USA.

I reckon it'll come out to about +-12 kgs but am not wanting to use the DHL option of 10 kgs for €45.99. Do you happen to know of other companies, or does DHL perhaps provide an option other that the Paket International Zone 3?
Time is no concern; if it takes six months to ship it'd still work for me. Many thanks in advance!
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I reckon it'll come out to about +-12 kgs but am not wanting to use the DHL option of 10 kgs for €45.99.

Sorry, this makes this whole question very unclear. Is it DHL / Deutsche Post that you are rejecting, the 10kg limitation you're rejecting, or the €43 you're rejecting?
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Deutsche Post used to provide a special rate for shipments containing only books. I don't know if that's still the case, but it's probably worth asking. They have a parcel limit of 20kg if I remember right, so your 12kg would be fine.
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Thanks lollusc, I'll look into it - that would be great.
DarlingBri I was just wondering whether there was an alternative to the one I had already found. Cheaper would be good of course, but yeah, just other options.
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The German term for shipments containing only books is Büchersendung. HTH.
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There's a 5 kg limit on international book shipments via Deutsche Post (so you'd have to split them up into multiple shipments), and there's a base rate of €5/kg (plus a charge of 60c per item), so that's already more expensive than the DHL option.

€45.99 for 10 kg actually sounds pretty reasonable. However, if you happen to be traveling from Berlin to New York, checking an additional bag (which is usually limited to 22 kg) is probably going to cost less than €45.99.
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