Please help with lodging for a homeschool group in DC...
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My daughter's homeschool co-op will be taking a trip to DC the week of May 5 and we need some ideas for great places to stay. Details inside..

This is a group of about 20 middle schoolers and 4-5 adults who are heading to DC to see the sights, tour, etc. We are looking for a one house or close together condo type situation that is close to the main attractions, has easy metro access, has kitchen facilities to help keep meal costs down, has a common place for said meals and ideally a place for movies, swimming or other activities that would appeal to that age in the evening as they are winding down for the night. This is a great group of kids, very well behaved and will be tightly supervised. We have found a few options on VRBO that might work.... I just thought I'd ask here to see if any DC mefites had any other ideas. Thanks all!
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Response by poster: Coming back to add that any other fun ideas or tips for the group also appreciated. Thanks!
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I don't have any lodging suggestions, but in terms of things to do, you might consider taking them to Q?rius at the National Museum of Natural History. Info. here.
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I can't vouch for any of these, because I'm just a guy on the Internet, but here is a list of Youth Hostels and Student Housing in Washington, DC.

Normally I would recommend the excellent National Building Museum, but a visit there would run your group $150. I'm not sure what your budget is, you probably want to stick to the free stuff.

Maybe call your congressperson's or senator's office now and try and get in to see the White House and US Capitol.

Here's some ideas for visiting DC with kids. You could also check the WaPo Going Out Guide closer to May 5th to see what's going on.

Sadly, the Dinosaur Hall at the National Museum of Natural History is closing for five years on April 28th, so don't plan on seeing that.
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Finding a full house that is large enough to accommodate 25ish people downtown in DC is probably going to be either extremely expensive. You might want to try looking further out in Montgomery County or Arlington in neighborhoods that are near the Metro.

Alternatively, you could check on AirBnB to see what's available.

I've noticed a ton of school groups seem to stay at this Days Inn on Connecticut Ave. It's a quiet neighborhood that's maybe a 20 minute commute on public transit from the sights downtown.
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