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Delta sent me an email an hour ago informing me that my 2am flight from lima to Atlanta is now a 11am flight tomorrow. Questions about what I can ask as compensation.

The flight is listed as on time on delta's website, so it isn't a weather thing. I tried to call customer service but they have a four hour wait time. This change will mean both an extra night in lima and then an extra night in Chicago before I can get my train home.

My main question is what am I entitled to, if anything, and if nothing, what is it reasonable to ask for. Do I count as a "bumped" passenger like this article talks about? I want at the gate, but I had already checked in on line.

Should I just talk to them at the gate tomorrow? This question addresses getting your itinerary changed back to something that works better, but since my flight was changed five hours before it was supposed to leave, it's making super helpful.
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Atlanta is a hot mess right now...
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I was bumped from a (domestic) Delta flight last year and got a $600 voucher, a night in a hotel near the airport, and meal vouchers for dinner and breakfast (worth like $10 each).

I got caught up in holiday travel during the NYC Snowpocalypse of 2011, had to spend an extra week in New Orleans (it was a "hey btw we changed your flight" email alert, similar to your present situation), and got a ridiculous number of frequent flyer miles from Jet Blue.

I would ask for the former, but accept the something like latter.

You should be able to get something for the inconvenience.
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That call might not be accurate.

They said the same about my son's flight years ago...and he wound up calling us from the airport wondering why we hadn't picked him up yet.
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Delta canceled 1800 flights because of nasty weather in Atlanta, so it's absolutely weather related. They say it'll take 24-72 hours for the mess to be straightened out. So a delay sounds right. And they owe you nothing for a delay, but it doesn't hurt to ask. You're not considered bumped unless you lose your seat on your scheduled flight. You still have your seat on your late flight.
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The flight is listed as on time on delta's website, so it isn't a weather thing.

FlightAware lists DL 150 as delayed two hours. The FAA has implemented a Traffic Management Program delaying flights into ATL an average of ten hours (see Airport Status Information for ATL). This is because of the weather.

I'm not sure what the logic is behind saying "it isn't a weather thing." All the evidence tends to point to this being weather-related. In that case you are not entitled to anything other than Delta transporting you with reasonable speed under the circumstances. I would go to the airport and see if they will reroute you on another carrier. You aren't entitled to that either, but sometimes it happens.
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Delta is in full-fledged meltdown today. It took me almost an hour on the Platinum FF line, which is normally never longer than a minute or two. Technically you are not entitled to any compensation at your point of origin when flights are rescheduled due to weather (which I assure you, will be what the official FAA reason for delay will be listed as). Sometimes you get some compensation as a good will gesture -- but you will not have much luck discussing compensation with the agents in Lima, who are almost certain contract service folks who know very little about Delta's policies. Your best bet to seek compensation will be in Atlanta.

Normally, if you delayed and end up staying overnight in a connecting city, that is your strongest case for compensation. However, as I understand your question, your ticket actually ends at ORD and you are taking a train onward. In that case, the airline's job is done when they deliver you to ORD. I suspect the most they will do is to offer you a gift voucher toward future travel or extra frequent flyer miles. You might want to ask if they have access to distressed passenger rates in ORD. This costs them nothing and might get you a better deal on a hotel there than you would otherwise get. Meal vouchers also cost them very little, so if you ask in Atlanta they are quite likely to cough up those.
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Okay, I didn't realize Atlanta was so bad, apologies. The email said nothing about weather and they were looking for volunteers to take a later flight when i checked in so i assumed they overbooked. Also, the delta website still lists the flight as on time. i was bumped from my original flight to the next but am less angry about it now.
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If you were bumped after already being checked in, you should ABSOLUTELY talk to the staff in Atlanta and see if you can be compensated in some way.

I'd also bring it up when you get to the airport in Lima, because even though they'll almost surely be less knowledgeable than the folks at Delta's hub, it stands to reason that they sometimes bump people and give them vouchers and such.

Be super polite and grateful and sweet, and thank them for getting you home so efficiently under the circumstances. But, yes, you could get some compensation. It's definitely worth asking.
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Please remember that flights cancelled due to weather are also meant to keep passengers safe. It amazes me to see so many people screaming bloody murder about their travel plans being interrupted for reasons that are meant to keep you from plummeting into the ground in a metal tube because of weather or mechanical reasons. So I say gently that no, you are probably not going to be compensated for this delay, I'm sorry. I was traveling to London via LAX on the day there was the airport shooting that left a TSA agent dead. Was it a hellacious day? Yes, I arrived 8 hours late (instead of 24) but it was because I was diligent and persistent in getting rerouted there. I called 4 different times and spoke to 4 different reps before I got someone, a supervisor who managed to get me a seat. Plus: I only had carry on and was willing to be rerouted. How they got me on an overbooked flight that had 17 people on standby, I don't know or care, but I do know that I was always polite yet insistent with the airline phone reps.

If you are in a real crush, ask to be rerouted to ORD via another city instead of ATL. That could be your only other alternative to get home earlier..
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For the record: I honestly thought they had just overbooked the flight for the reasons explained above. I don't go around freaking out at people because of weather related delays. Because we were bumped from the flight (which was not canceled) I asked to be rerouted to a city where I could be picked up by someone, which worked out great.
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