Looking for clever Quizzo team names....
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In the past our team has called itself, " The Periodic Table Dancers", as well as, " Cunning Linguists". Any good ideas for this years tourney?
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Charismatic Megafauna
Cognitive Dissidents
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Never been Quizzed
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The Impropagandists
The Pleather Underground
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Don Quizote
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If there are females on the team: Ladies and Intelligentsia
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The Average Bear.
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The Periodic Table Dancers

Sequel: The Moebius Strippers
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Best answer: University Challenged
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You don't know this, but I'm giving you the equivalent of a library card to the library of Alexandria here.

This is a list of each and every team who has ever participated in the all-night trivia contest that happens twice a year at Williams College. In-jokes abound and local references are all over the place in there, so there may be a high signal-to-noise ratio, but there's bound to be some things in there that will appeal.

If you want to pare it down some, this list explains the origins of the names of the winning teams from each contest, and this list explains the origins of the second-place teams. (At Williams trivia, coming in second place is actually preferable in some quarters.)

Disclaimer: I'm a veteran of quite a few of these contests, on teams that were named things like "We Make Holes In Teeth", "Aim Here For God", "Joanie Loves Trotsky" and "Make Way For Ducklings, Motherfucker".
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....And I also always had a soft spot for the team that named themselves "Cthulu Matata" one year.
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The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers.
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Urine Trouble
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Mike Hunt, Uke Hunt, we all cunt for Ice cream.
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We get many a giggle with Pacific Rim Job.

Other favorites on my list (yes, I have one, although it's mostly Trailer Park Boys references):
Omega-3 Fatasses
Team Redundancy Team
A Boy Named Sussudio

I am occasionally a member of a team in the Lawrence University Trivia Contest (not this year, though it just happened last weekend) but there's nothing so great as hearing them announce your team name ("Skull Squadron!") and immediately hear everyone in the room yell, "SKULL SQUADRON!!!!!" in their best GI Joe-type voices.

Just say no to Trivia Newton John. It's like the Freebird of trivia names.
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Oh, riffing on current events is always something to try. Once when I was in a more local pub quiz, at a time when Trent Lott was still in Congress and was up to some typical shenanigans, we named ourselves "The Trent Lott Cultural Diversity Organization." The quizmaster thought it was so funny he gave us a bonus point just for the name.
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Freelance Gynocologists
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Quizlamic Jihad
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Oh! Also, you can immediately add flair to a more staid option by appending "...and the Detroit Wheels."
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Einstein Nachtmusik

(but really, The Mobius Strippers is going to be tough to beat)
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The Testees
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Something related to local news or culture: when I was in Denver I named our team Mr Death's Unsinkable Baby Does ( Buffalo Bill, Molly Brown and the 2nd Mrs.Tabor), in Harvard Square I picked Strangled Roadrunners (DeSalvo and the Modern Lovers song)
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"Let's get quizzical, quizzical" by Trivia Newton-John. Sorry, Madamina.
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I'm looking over our past pub quiz team names. Usually we work from recent news stories, and we're tasteless. Some non-timely entries I like:
Most self-abuse goes unreported.
Edgar Allen Bro
Sexy like boobs, dangerous like fireboobs
How does evolution explain balloon animals?
Pandora can't fight but you should see her box
Stone Cold Jane Austen
Georgia O'Queef
Is it a threesome when she's pregnant?
Looking for love in Alderaan places
Taint misbehaving
If you like the adjusted celebrity names, you might look into roller derby and drag queens.
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The Cremasters
The Physics department softball team at my university called themselves The Stimulated Emissions
Later, when women joined the team, they changed the name to The Nocturnal Emissions.
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I was once on a quiz team of graduate students at a university quiz night, and we called ourselves "The Second Authors". Might not work for every situation, but went down very well among the other teams.
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In Second Place, No, Sorry, Third Place Is
Puns Puns Puns Puns Puns
SuperTriviaQuizQuestionTeam:Go! Battle Edition Win+
Such Answers. Very Knowledge. Wow.
Mystery Brian's Theater 3000 ( no none of us are called Brian what of it )
Sorry For Last Weeks Dickish Team Name
This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
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Queef Latifa
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