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I am auditioning to host a quizzo (pub trivia) night at a new bar in Philly ... help me with research!

Does anyone have any good recommendations for websites with good trivia questions/answers? I have played many a night of quizzo in the past - my strengths are baseball, movies, and geography. But I need to do one list (10 questions) of a well-rounded quizzo for the audition. Suggestions?
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There's some good stuff in the video of today's Quiz Bowl post.
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A professional group I'm a part of just hosted a Quizzo night a few weeks ago, and our host did a great job. His sports questions were great--one with baseball (name all the ways a player can get on base without getting a hit, I think there were 7 and we had to name 3 to get credit, any additional were extra credit) and one that was about more obscure sports. He also had a few questions where you could kind of reason out the answers if you knew a little about the topic. Like, how many inaugurations have there been? Those were more fun to work on as a team than the you-either-know-it-or-you-don't questions.

Any questions that referenced specific local landmarks or history were fun too.
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Are you looking for a set of ten questions from one category, or a bunch of different categories?
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Response by poster: many different categories.
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Hey, I'm in Philly! What's the new bar? Unless it's a secret, in which case I will forget I ever read this post.
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Response by poster: Local 44, at 44th and Spruce ... i believe local44.com, but google. They're having auditions for their new quizzo. The owners also opened Memphis Taproom, which I'd say is my 2nd kitchen but I'd be giving my actual kitchen too much credit.
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His sports questions were great -- one with baseball (name all the ways a player can get on base without getting a hit, I think there were 7 and we had to name 3 to get credit, any additional were extra credit)...

As usual, baseball is not only stranger than you imagine, it is stranger than you can imagine. The full list of 23 ways to get to first base, according to ESPN Magazine (via The Hardball Times):
1. walk
2. intentional walk
3. hit by pitch
4. dropped 3rd strike
5. failure to deliver pitch in 20 seconds
6. catcher interference
7. fielder interference
8. spectator interference
9. fan obstruction
10. fair ball hits ump
11. fair ball hits runner
12. fielder obstructs runner
13. pinch-runner
14. fielder's choice
15. force out at another base
16. preceding runner put-out allows batter to reach first
17. sacrifice bunt fails to advance runner
18. sacrifice fly dropped
19. runner called out on appeal
20. error
21. four illegal pitches
22. single
23. game suspended with runner on first, that player is traded prior to the makeup; new player is allowed to take his place
None of these except #22 (and #19?) counts as a hit, as far as I can tell. Slight derail, but perhaps this list can be trivia fodder for the OP.
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I host several trivia nights in my local area--I'll MeMail you my list of questions from this week. Hopefully you'll find some useful ones there.
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