Does iPod need XP SP *2*?
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iPod: does it really need Win XP SP2, or can it work with SP1? Relatred: how can I update win XP to SP2: it just isn't offering me the option, although it used to.
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Download the full installer for Windows XP SP2.

I don't know if iPod and iTunes need SP2 or not, but eh it's no biggie upgrading especially when it improves XP.
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That links to "Windows XP Service Pack 2 Network Installation Package for IT Professionals and Developers" - the single computer download takes me to windows update, but nowhere is SP2 to be found.... I think I blew my chances when I refused it last year (due to concerns about its stability)
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Wha? Do you see the button on that page labeled "Download"? Click it and you will download the .exe installer. I don't see "single computer download" anywhere, but you don't want that because that essentially means "I want to use windows update, not download the entire service pack."

And I highly doubt that the iPod requires SP2 - but I don't know for sure.
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I'm happily using my iPod on SP1. I can't upgrade to SP2 as it's not compatible with some of my hardward.
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The iPod requirements do state SP2, now, and when I worked at the Apple Centre in Leeds, we had quite a few customers who just couldn't their iPod to work under SP1.

The SP2 update fixed it totally (something to do with USB 2.0 support, I think), but those customers were peeved that SP2 (unless you get a workaround [email in profile]) required authentication of your XP installation, ie. Dialled home to Microsoft to make sure you were using a genuine version of Windows. You DID buy Windows XP, didn't you?
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*couldn't get their
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Win XP was pre-installed by the shop that made my bespoke computer for me, and searching again on the windowsupdate site tells me that it's a blacklisted serial number, so presumably they gave me a pirate copy. Darn it.
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You have a couple of options:
  1. Legally: Report your pirated Windows to MS, under Windows Genuine Advantage, naming and shaming the guys who built your computer, and get a free copy from Microsoft as part of the deal (not sure if they're still doing this).
  2. Illegally: Download the full installer that riffola linked in the first reply, then get a fast and easy crack to disable the Windows Product Activation that dials home to Microsoft.

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Did they give you a M$ license? Regardless of whether the serial number they installed is invalid, if you have a license you can validate via phone and so forth. If you have a license, call Microsoft. If you don't, you got ripped off.
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Just chiming in to say that due to hardware concerns, I am only running XP SP-1 also and my iPod works fine with it.
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