What is the exact proportion of a "B" in Times New Roman?
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I'm working on a short story where the exact ratio between the height and width of a "B" in Times New Roman figures prominently. But I can't find the number easily on line. Does anyone know, with as much precision as possible, what the ratio is?
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At 300dpi a 28pt "B" is 72px Wide by 80px tall.
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I'm confused as to what possible search terms one might use to dig up that information. But I just typed a "B" in Times New Roman (the TrueType version that ships with OS X), zoomed in on it and took the measurements. It's 330 pixels tall and 300 pixels wide. So the ratio of the height to the width is 1.1:1.
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What you can do to find out is to open the font file on your system for Times New Roman in a vector font editor such as fontforge.
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The wonderful thing about fiction is that as long as you say something plausible no one will care if you made it up or not.
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Thank you kindly, humboldt32 & bcwinters! 80/72 = 1.1111 sounds eminently plausible :)
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