Rocky Horror virgin!
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This Friday night, my husband and I will be attending our first midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show! Super-psyched! We have not ever seen the movie and know virtually nothing about how the live shows go, thus I turn to the hive for help. Detailed questions:

I'm 35 and my husband is 44. Not really the target audience, but it is what it is at this point. Here is what we need to know:

1. What to wear. Neither of us own anything that really seems the occasion. If we were to go thrifting between now and then, what would we look for?

2. Sober or not?

3. What to bring. I'm aware of the whole rice/toast/etc thing, but anything that we may not think of?

4. Anything else that we need to know and may not think of.
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They may call Rocky Horror live show "virgins" up front and lightly haze you in a generally positive, friendly, and sexually suggestive manner. Expect it and participate fully!

Or don't own up and try to blend in. Either way is good.
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There are a few sites online that deal with costuming and cosplay - here's one. In a pinch, you could just go as one of the "Transylvanians" - those are the extras that are just "the people hanging out at the house". There's a guide here, with some detailing about what specifics some people wear, but if you have some variant on a tux or black formalwear that you wear something weird with, you may be good.
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1. Something that you won't mind getting wet or messy. You don't have to have a costume, sexy clothes are fun to wear.

2. Your personal preference

3. Some venues may not allow certain items, and some sell a bag with items at the door.
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I'm sure you could google around (or ask here) and find full details on all the stuff to bring, etc. But I'm here to suggest that, rather than trying to catch up with the people who have already been a million times, it might be a more fun and exciting experience to just show up not knowing too much, fully unprepared, and let yourselves be surprised. Not everything is made better by being well-prepared.
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Show up drunk, dress slutty.

Have your husband wear an uptight suit with a corset underneath and high heels.
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Don't expect to "see" the movie as you traditionally would at a film. I enjoyed the experience much more when I realized it's an audience performance, if you take my meaning.
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oh oh and:

Each time they say "Janet" yell "slut"
Each time they say "Brad" yell "asshole"

I acted in my local production RH and trust me we loved shout outs.

Only sit on the edges if you want to be messed with.

Let your hair down and enjoy being messed with. The more uptight you are, the more they will mess with you and thats ok.

PS. Half the cast will be drunk too.
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The stage show performers and the regulars will still know you're virgins. Why not go prepared to be the best virgins you can be? Dress up, just a little, just out of respect for the people who love and live for these shows, but don't study up or bring anything, just be game to volunteer for friendly abuse. You have an important role to play!

(I was a virgin at 8th Street Playhouse one night in 1980 or 1981...)
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All of the above, and get up and dance to the Time Warp. It's astounding!

Remember: It's just a jump to the left, and then a step to the right.
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Since it's your first time, why not dress up as Brad and Janet at their most virginal?
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You might want to consider watching the movie before you go as you won't be able to hear the dialogue at all (not that it improves the movie, heh) but some of the shout-out jokes will make more sense if you have passing familiarity with the movie. I took my cousin for the first time recently and he loved it but wished he'd seen the movie first.

You don't have to dress up if you don't want to or don't have time shop, there will be plenty of people in regular clothes. If you DO want to dress up, anything sexy or leather or printed with lips will be appropriate.

Things to bring: newspaper, rubber glove, noisemaker, playing cards, toast, your cell phone. Many venues won't let you bring a lighter, rice, water guns, or confetti. The theater I've been to substitutes popcorn for the rice-throwing.

Have SO much fun! Live Rocky shows are one of my very favorite things to do.
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Different locations often have a location-specific script (what you yell/sing in response to the movie) that they've hashed out over the years that makes them unique from other places (in Indianapolis we used to sing "Transsexual Terre Haute" instead of "Transsexual Transylvania"). Don't worry that you don't know the script or the local lingo, if you go often enough you'll absorb it.
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nthing the recommendation to just dress up fun/slutty/genderbending and approach the experience with brand new eyes.

Everyone's a virgin at some point. So just go and have fun and revel in the silly madness. Brad and Janet in the movie have no idea what they're getting into, and that's the best way to see RHPS live for the first time as far as I'm concerned.

(Oh to be fifteen again and seeing RHPS at the Bloor cinema and having Sunny from The Edison Twins (!!!! I shit you not, he was the Criminologist) stick his tongue in my ear)
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Response by poster: Well, it's all moot because our childcare fell through. Boo. Hopefully we'll get another opportunity in a few months! Thanks for all your answers!
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