Question about Advanced Standing at College
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Hi I applied for advanced standing for two subjects at the college I am attending. If I receive this I will not have to take these subjects. Advanced standing means that courses taken at other colleges count towards courses currently being taken. Apparently I am going to have to wait approx. 10 days to find out if I have achieved advanced standing. I am very confident that I will achieve advanced standing though as the subjects are almost identical and I achieved an A grade in each course. Should I still attend courses in the mean time? Or should I be confident that my advanced standing credit will come through?
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Is there any down side to attending the classes (other than wasting your time)? If not, I'd go just to be safe.
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Attend courses, and let each instructor know that you're doing it just in case. It shows that you are diligent and responsible, which will serve you well if they teach other courses you take in the future, and it will avoid the drama associated with playing catch-up if your assumption isn't correct. Better safe than sorry.
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Attend the class. Nothing in guaranteed, and the decision about granting status like this is often decided not only on the material in the other course, but about the institution itself.
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If you get the advanced standing, what courses will you attend instead? You need to be attending both sets of courses, and explaining why to the professors/
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I would attend the classes just in case. Getting credit for courses taken at other colleges can be a bureaucratic nightmare.
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Is there a reason you can't attend? Five days is like two or maximum three meetings of each class. That's only a few hours of your life.
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Shit happens, and professors have memories--go to class.
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You might be confident in your knowledge of the material and your grade in the other courses, but do you know how much of sticklers your current university is about this? For example, if they get the syllabus and find that their university covers one section not addressed in the other class, will they say that your prior class doesn't count, or counts for a lower grade?
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I am an advisor (and faculty) in the social sciences at a mid-sized pubic university. I am not your advisor.

- Are the classes you want credit for prerequisites for classes that you have to take during your next term, or are they classes that you can easily pick up in later terms if the credits don't come through?
- If the classes are accepted for transfer, what is the penalty for dropping a class now? Will a "W" show up on your transcripts (for the classes that you are currently attending), or are you within the free drop/add period, or will they finagle it so that you don't end up with a W if the credits do come through?
- Is the school that you're transferring credits from one that your school has accepted credits from previously, or have they never evaluated credits from this school before?
- Are you transferring credits from schools with the same term lengths? (Let me tell you about going from semesters to quarters to semesters...) Are you going to end up with the right number of credits if the classes are accepted?

I could keep going, but hopefully you get the point - this really is a question (both your original question and issues of credits hours and so on) that you should be asking your advisor; they can advise you about your best course of action at the particular school you're attending. I know we can be hard to get in touch with this time of year, but you really need to talk to your advisor about this.
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