Help me find this movie
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Hi all, My uncle is in hospital following a road accident, and he has been thinking a lot about this movie (pretty certain it's a movie) in a morphine haze. Help me find it!

What he can remember is this:
- the president of the USA is kidnapped by a shadowy cabal of businessmen
- before anyone even talks to him he is shown footage of the JFK assassination- but from a different perspective
- this is supposedly their way of showing him their absolute power.

Thanks all, for extra bonus points I also have a book I can't place:
- mystery story happening to a very ordinary chap. He was a runner in the Olympics many years ago and finished something like 8th. Every year without fail he receives a mocking letter from the (Norwegian?) who finished one place ahead of him...

Google has failed me on both...
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That first bit is almost word for word a Bill Hicks routine...
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There's a very minor subplot in White Teeth that is similar but not exactly the same as your mystery book. One of the main characters, a very ordinary chap, finishes in a tie for 13th place in Olympic track cycling and becomes friendly penpals with the fellow who tied him.
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Thankyou so much both of you- I guess the morphine's doing strange things to his recollection.
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