ergonomic lounge chair for tall person in an apartment?
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Recommendations for an ergonomic lounge chair for watching tv on the computer in an apartment for someone who is 6'1" average build?

I sit in an office chair all day at work and want to relax in something when watching tv and movies on my computer. I went to Ikea the other day and all their stuff was no good especially for a tall person. Some requirements:

* not an office chair since I work in one all day
* ergonomic and comfortable with proper support
* be able to fit in an apartment
* accommodate a 6'1" average built male
* affordable, but I'm willing to spend a little bit for the right piece
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While I reject them based on the fact that they're eyesores, there is a lot to be said for the comfort of a recliner.
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Have you looked at a rocking chair? An old century rocking chair works well for me (6'5").
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I'm 6'2", and I have better luck with chair/ottoman combos than even the largest, ugliest gear shift recliners. The leg lift always hits me in the wrong place. A lot depends on how far you're sitting from the screen I guess, unless it's sitting in your lap.
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My husband is 6'3" and I am 5'9", and we both find the Ikea Poang recliner with ottoman SUPER comfortable.

We have it in medium brown with leather cover
, but the sexy bendy frame also comes in birch and there are tons of covers in other fabrics and colors to choose from (all of the cloth covers, for are cheaper than the leather one). The matching ottoman is a MUST to achieve Ultimate Comfort Level.
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